Best electric bikes for getting around town or to work

You’ve contemplated getting a bike to ride to work, but the sweat and those hills keep you from pulling the trigger. Lucky for you, eBikes with small motors are a great alternative. No more catching your breath up those steep streets or huffing and puffing pedaling 40 pounds of groceries. Here are some of our favorite eBikes under on the market today.
This eBike comes with 21 gears, plus a brushless motor to give you a little push when you need it. The handlebars and stems are fully adjustable and the setup includes a horn and a bright LED headlamp. What’s more, the motor can take you up to 30 miles in one charge. It’s perfect for ditching your car and closing in on those last few miles to work.
If you’re going for looks, this city-style bike is a good ride if you live in a mostly flat city. You can easily switch between pedaling manually and letting the battery take charge with the touch of a button. Its brushless motor can go 22 miles per hour and keep going for up to six hours. Put a cute basket out front, and this eBike can take you to farmer’s markets on the weekend or to your friend’s house for a barbecue.
This mountain bike comes with three modes to push your ride further. With seven gears and a high-speed brushless gear motor, you can get 50-80 miles with assisted mode out of one charge. In this case, you and the bike work together to make the most of your ride. The upside of this bike is its E-PAS technology, which allows it to generate more power if you maintain charging speed. A waterproof LCD screen mounted on the bike keeps track of your speed and remaining battery energy.
For those that live in small studio apartments or have limited storage available, this eBike fits your lifestyle. With no pedals and self-throttled motor, you can travel up to 18 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. One single charge takes you 15 miles-so one-way to work-and then you can recharge until it’s time to go home. You can stay connected via the app and track your route, speed, and GPS location, plus charge your phone with the USB port on the bike. When done, you can easily fold it small. Plus., it weights only 30 pounds.
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