Twitch streamer reveals why he turned down easy $20k sponsorship deal

Twitch streamer reveals why he turned down easy $20k
Popular Twitch streamer Adam ‘B0aty’ Lyne stunned his viewers when he revealed he had turned down a $20,000 sponsorship. The personality’s explanation gained him respect with his chat.

How To Get Sponsored on Twitch Without A Massive Viewer Count
A few years ago, streamers on XFire or the early versions of Twitch didn’t have a means to make money streaming, other than donations. They streamed because they had fun doing it.

Streamer SponsorshipTwitch Overlay
See other blog posts from Twitch Overlay. If this was useful, it might be worth checking out the rest of our blog posts. It’s often the first place we announce site updates, and helpful streaming guides like how to use a twitch overlay or how to customise your twitch overlay .PSD in Photoshop. As well as other useful guides & tips for streamers setting up their twitch overlays, twitch alerts …

How to get a little Sponsorship as a small Streamer? : Twitch
I would advise you to not go rushing out looking for a sponsor, unless you get hundreds of viewers per stream no sponsor is really going to offer you a good deal. Focus on building yourself up first and foremost, establish yourself as a streamer and get a reputation.

Guy Donates $62,000 To Twitch Streamer Ninja – YouTube
Popular streamer ninja gets a total of 62k donated to him in 1 day. Absolutely crazy. he was simply playing h1z1 with the well known streamer summit when this all happened. Ninja’s Twitch: twitch

How do you guys find sponsors?? : Twitch
Sure, a sponsor isn’t going to give you a $10,000 computer for free if you are not Lirik or Dan–but there are plenty of other sponsorship opportunities available for streamers of all sizes. My best advice for OP is to gather all statistics ad relevant information regarding his channel and put them into a nicely formatted and easy to read document.

Affiliate Program – Get Rewarded for Referring Visitors …
Affiliate Program. We’re currently not accepting new applications but will update everyone when we reopen the affiliate program. The SteelSeries Affiliate Program is an opportunity for streamers and YouTube personalities to be a part of the SteelSeries brand by bringing our award-winning products to gamers around the globe.

Can you be a part-time Twitch streamer, make money, and …
Yes. You can be a part-time twitch affiliate (not partner, not as of this posting) and still be able to have partnerships and or sponsorships. Honestly, even as a partner you could potentially do it part time, but if you aren’t already established…

PoShYbRiD died during his 24 hour Charity Live Stream on Twitch, it’s speculated that he died from heart complications due severe sleep deprivation. PoShYbRiD is the first person to ever die …

How To Find Brands for Your Twitch Sponsorships
A lot of streamers take the easy way out and accept sponsorships from anyone and everyone. Well, I’m here to tell you that doing that will secure your one-way ticket to being called a sellout by …
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