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Ah, TikTok. You just never know what kinds of handy hacks you’ll find on there.
A TikTok user has shown a simple-yet-incredibly-effective way to juice a lemon, without all the messy stuff.
This is the tutorial you never knew you actually needed.
Jacqui Baihn is a nutritionist who specialises in gut and hormone health. She posts loads of interesting and useful content on her Tiktok.
Now, her lemon hack has now gone viral and all you need is…. a skewer.
In her TikTok video she pierces the tip of a lemon with a steel skewer and pushes it through to the other side to create a narrow hole stretching from end to end.
Then she squeezes the lemon into the cup without any of the mess (and hassle, let’s be honest).
‘Mind blown!’ was a very common reaction to Jacqui’s hack.
Model Sarah Harris said: ‘Well, okay. Thanks again tiktok for teaching me more than my parents ever did 😂’
While others just expressed their frustration at wasting time cutting lemons and scrubbing chopping boards.
So now if you want some fresh lemon in your hot water in the morning, or you want to take your oven from grimy to utter gleaming, or you just want to pop some in your hair to give your blonde highlights a bit of a top-up, you know what to do.
When life gives you lemons, get out your skewer and make some lemonade.
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