‘She tried to fight but it wasn’t enough’: Devastated family reveal the final moments of mother, 35, before she was ‘brutally murdered in her home by her estranged ex’ as neighbours ignored her screams for help

Alana Mazzoni For Daily Mail Australia
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Disclaimer: MSN advises its readers to use their discretion while reading this since the story’s details might be unsettling and cause distress to some.
A woman who was allegedly murdered in her home by her estranged ex-boyfriend while neighbours ignored her bloodcurdling screams has been farewelled in an emotional funeral.
The mum-of-three, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found dead at her home in Adelaide on April 16.
The 35-year-old’s ex-partner, from whom she had been estranged for quite some time, was later arrested and charged with murder.
Detective Superintendent Des Bray said neighbours heard the desperate screams of the mother right before her ‘horrible, violent death’.
At Tuesday’s funeral service, the woman’s heartbroken family remembered her as a selfless and loving mother.
‘Our family could not have imagined that [she] would end up in this nightmare,’ her mother told 7News.
‘She tried so hard to fight back, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get her over the line. Now she is at peace with no more suffering.’
The victim’s sister called for domestic violence sufferers to reach out.
‘Let’s bring our daughters up respecting themselves…. let’s bring up our sons respecting women, like a real man does,’ she said at her funeral.
Her heartbroken mother said at the service: ‘God bless you my little Kimmy. Until we meet again, lots of love, mummy.’
It is believed the woman’s body lay undiscovered for around 19 hours before it was found by police.
Detective Superintendent Des Bray said the motive for the alleged murder was unclear, but said the woman had died a ‘really horrible, violent death’.
‘An altercation was heard. A person threatening to kill the occupant and at one point a female was heard to cry for help. Sadly the police were not contacted,’ Det Bray said.
‘She had an injury to her body which is unexplained. It was a sufficient injury to leave an amount of blood at the scene,’ he said.
He said while detectives were grateful for what witnesses had told them of the disturbance at the home, it was a ‘sad reflection on society’ that police were not called at the time.
‘I’m at a complete loss to understand why anybody wouldn’t do something and go to the aid – or ensure that somebody went to the aid – of a woman who was screaming for help,’ he said.
The woman’s 13-year-old daughter previously described her mother as an ‘angel’.
‘She always tried for us kids no matter what,’ the girl said.
‘She would always be laughing or trying to make us laugh. You will always be in our hearts mumma.’
The woman’s father said he will think of her every day for the rest of his life.
‘She’s a compassionate girl who’d been through some very difficult times of late,’ he said.
The young girl’s father – the murdered woman’s ex-partner – said she ‘always put her children first’.
‘She was always around for me when I needed her and would go out of her way for anyone in need. I loved her, she was family to me even after separating.’
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