Ben Affleck introduces his kids to girlfriend Ana De Armas and we wonder what they think of her

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Ben Affleck has been going back and forth between his and ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s house to spend time with his kids after their separation. Even after he found love in Ana De Armas, the doting dad has been co-parenting his children, and the actor and his girlfriend Ana De Armas have officially been spotted with the kids yesterday evening. It is the first time that Ben Affleck’s three kids have been spotted along with Ana De Armas and it seems they’ve given their heads up to their father’s relationship with her.
Just a day ago, Ben Affleck, Ana De Armas, and the three kids were seen enjoying a long walk together outside Jennifer Garner’s residence. While Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel joined daddy and his girlfriend for a walk, Jennifer Garner seemed to be missing. However, her golden retriever Birdie joined the group and kept company to Ben Affleck’s german shepherd Hutch. All decked up, the family seemed to enjoy their short stroll, soaking the summer sun together.
Ben had been wanting to introduce Ana De Armas to his kids and waiting for ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s approval. “He is very respectful of Jennifer’s wishes when it comes to their kids so any decision to have him meet Ana will be run by her first,” a source told Hollywood Life. Ben and Ana De Armas have been going strong. The Batman V Superman actor is very serious about his relationship and making his girlfriend meet his kids is a step forward.
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