2020 Chevy Corvette C8 Will Be Indy 500 Pace Car

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 will be the pace car for the 2020 Indianapolis 500. GM President Mark Reuss will be behind the wheel.
The ‘Vette pace car will have the Z51 package. The body will wear a Torch Red paint with Carbon Flash exterior accents and the ground effects package. There will be some Indy 500 graphics, too. The body will also wear a matching high wing at the back, which currently is unavailable for customers to order because of the high demand. Inside, it’ll have the GT2 seats.
Get your first 👀 at the official Team Chevy Corvette Stingray that will lead the field to green at this year’s #Indy500! 🔥🔥🔥
#INDYCAR | #Indy500
“It’s truly an honor to have the opportunity to be behind the wheel of the mid-engine Corvette Pace Car at such a historic race as the Indy 500,” Reuss said.

The 2020 Indy 500 will take place on Sunday, August 23. This will be the race’s 104th running, and it’ll be the first time for the event not to happen in May. The green flag will drop at 2:30 PM ET (6:30 PM GMT). Folks in the US will be able to watch the event on NBC.
This will be the 17th time for the Corvette to be the Indy 500 pace car. The first was in 1978, and the most recent was in 2019. The most powerful ever was at the front of the pack for the race in 2018 when a 755-horsepower (563-kilowatt) ZR1 had the job.
This will also be the 31st time for a Chevy to be the Indy 500 pace car – more than any other marque. The first vehicle from the company to hold the honor was a Fleetmaster convertible in 1948.
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No Fans at This Year’s Indianapolis 500 Race

The 104th running of the Indy 500 was set to be new owner Roger Penske’s lifelong dream come true. Sadly, a virus that’s now responsible for killing over a half-million people around the world has had the last laugh, and the 2020 Indy 500 will ultimately be held without spectators.
When 2019 was coming to a close and news broke of Penske’s move to buy the iconic oval along with the IndyCar series, everyone expected the 2020 Indy 500 to be one of the biggest, the best, and quite possibly the most impeccably-coordinated 500 in ages. After all, the Captain doesn’t like things half-assed.
However, once the coronavirus landed in America, it became clear that stuffing over 350,000 people (if not more) in what’s essentially a huge cereal bowl would not be feasible. So the decision was made to limit capacity to only 50 percent, and eventually, 25 percent.
Today, it’s been confirmed that for the first time since 1911, the world-famous 500-mile race will not have any spectators on its many grandstands.
“What I hope people recognize is that we’ve done everything possible to be able to do it with fans,” Penske Entertainment Corp. president and CEO Mark Mark Miles told IndyStar. “This plan will go down as the model for how to do a mass gathering under these circumstances if it were possible.
“We’ve said all along that we had to hang in there and see if the public health situation would allow us to do it, and we’re at least as disappointed as all the fans that we can’t have them there this year.”
According to a report by WISH-TV, the financial ramifications of hosting the world’s largest sporting event (in terms of fans) at only 25 percent capacity were not the biggest motivating factor for pulling the plug. Rather, it was the fact that even at a lower capacity, over 80,000 would’ve still made their way to the grounds in the middle of what’s still considered a pandemic in the United States.
“We didn’t buy the Speedway for one year, we bought it for generations to come, and it’s important to our reputation to do the right thing,” Penske told WISH-TV.
“We need to be safe and smart about this,” Penske added. “Obviously we want full attendance, but we don’t want to jeopardize the health and safety of our fans and the community. We also don’t want to jeopardize the ability to hold a successful race.”
Perhaps the final blow to Penske’s plans arrived last week, when the track’s official health provider, IU Health, who even has its own on-track hospital to help fans in the case of emergencies, sent a strong-worded letter to track officials.
“Until we sustain better control of this virus and its spread,” IU Health said in a statement, “we strongly encourage IMS to consider an alternative to running the Indy 500 with fans in August.”
Whether this put the final nail in the 2020 Indy 500 coffin, we will most likely never know. But one thing is certain: it didn’t help.
As an Indy resident, avid racing fan, and journalist who planned on skipping what would’ve been his 10th Indy 500, this isn’t exactly good news. On one hand, I want to see the race take place with fans on the stands, but I care most about the health of my community, and obviously, my own family.
In the end, no one wins, although someone will still drink the milk come Aug. 23.
Better luck next year.
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Bruno César apresenta exame positivo para Covid-19 e desfalca o Vasco contra o Sport

Bruno César apresenta exame positivo para Covid-19 e
SPORT. Bruno César apresenta exame positivo para Covid-19 e desfalca o Vasco contra o Sport Clube carioca confirmou a informação através das suas redes sociais

Léo testa positivo para o novo coronavírus e desfalca o
O jogador testou positivo novamente para Covid-19 e não tem condições de atuar na partida que marca a volta do Campeonato Mineiro 2020 em meio à pandemia do novo coronavírus. Ele está assintomático, de acordo com o departamento médico cruzeirense. É a segunda vez que ele aparece com um teste positivo da doença.

Sob sol forte, Vasco atropela Macaé em jogo-treino em São …
O técnico Ramon Menezes teve mais um bom motivo para acreditar que a preparação do Vasco para o Brasileiro está no caminho certo. Na manhã deste sábado, o Cruz-Maltino aplicou um 5 a 0 sobre …

Dirigente do Vasco defende a contratação do volante …
A noite de ontem foi de apresentação para dois reforços em São Januário. O meia Bruno César, de 30 anos, que veio do Sporting-POR e assinou por duas…

Presidente do Corinthians faz teste para covid-19 e recebe …
Pazuello prevê fabricação da vacina contra covid-19 até janeiro de 2021. Presidente do Corinthians faz teste para covid-19 e recebe … positivo para a covid-19 mesmo sem apresentar …

Vasco define futuro de Bruno César
Sem espaço na última temporada, o Vasco acertou a situação de Bruno César. Com poucos jogos, o atleta vinha sendo bastante criticado pela torcida e o martelo foi batido nas últimas horas

Coimbra é mais um time mineiro que confirma casos da Covid-19
O Coimbra Sports informa que, após a realização dos exames de RT – PCR e IgM e IgG, aplicados na última quarta-feira, (08/07), três atletas do elenco profissional tiveram resultado positivo

Mesmo sem contrato assinado, Vasco … – O melhor conteúdo
O Vasco anunciou nesta quinta-feira que já tem um acerto com Bruno César. Segundo o clube, os salários já foram definidos e o apoiador é esperado em São Januário nos próximos dias para realizar exames médicos e assinar com o Cruzmaltino até o fim de 2020.

Guia do Nordestão: de volta nesta terça-feira, torneio tem …
Após pouco mais de quatro meses de paralisação no calendário do futebol brasileiro, a Copa do Nordeste será retomada nesta terça-feira. Devido à pandemia da Covid-19, os mandos de campo …

Coronavírus: Vice-presidente do Grêmio morre em …
Marco Bobsin, vice-presidente do Grêmio, morreu hoje em decorrência de sequelas do novo coronavírus.Em junho, o dirigente recebeu alta depois de mais de 100 dias internado.No último sábado, porém, Bobsin voltou a ser internado e não resistiu. Aos 68 anos, ele estava no Conselho de Administração – órgão que comanda o o Grêmio ao lado de Romildo Bolzan Jr., desde dezembro.
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Denizde boğulan Boğaziçili Aryen, son yolculuğuna uğurlandı

Denizde Boğulan Boğaziçili Aryen, Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı
Haberler > Türkiye Haberleri > Denizde boğulan Boğaziçili Aryen, son yolculuğuna uğurlandı. Can Çokmez (23) ile Aryen Jiyan Kartal, saat 17.00 sıralarında denizde boğulma tehlikesi geçirdi.

Denizde Boğulan Boğaziçili Aryen, Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı…
Nedir 10 saat önce Jojoba yağının inanılmaz faydaları. Denizde boğulan Boğaziçili Aryen, son yolculuğuna uğurlandı. DHA 12 Ağustos 2020 Çarşamba, 16:03 Güncelleme: 12 Ağustos 2020…

Kandıra’da Boğulan Genç Kız Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı – Asayiş
Kandıra’da girdiği denizde boğulan Aryen Jiyan Kartalmış (19), memleketi 12 Ağu 2020 – 18:41- Asayiş Güncelleme: 12 Ağu 2020 – 19:00. Kandıra’da boğulan genç kız son yolculuğuna uğurlandı.

Denizde Boğulan Furkan, Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı
+ Ayhan AYDEMİR/BAFRA (Samsun), (DHA)- SAMSUN\’da dün 3 arkadaşıyla birlikte serinlemek için girdiği denizde boğulan Furkan Şener (18), cenaze töreniyle son yolculuğuna uğurlandı.

İHA: Boğaziçili Arda Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı
Belgrad ormanı’nda cansız bedeni bulunan arda duman son yolculuğuna uğurlandı. güçlük çeken anne Nurcan Arda’yı yakınları teselli ederken gözyaşlarına boğulan Ege Duman’ı ise babası teselli etti.

Boğaziçili Arda Duman Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı – Takvim
Boğaziçili Arda Duman, sırra kadem bastı. Belgrad Ormanı’nda cesedine ulaşıldı. Gözyaşları sel olup aktı. Genç adam, son yolculuğuna uğurlandı.

Denizde Boğulan Furkan, Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı – Son Dakika…
Ayhan AYDEMİR/BAFRA (Samsun), (DHA)- SAMSUN’da dün 3 arkadaşıyla birlikte serinlemek için girdiği denizde boğulan Furkan Şener (18), cenaze töreniyle son yolculuğuna uğurlandı.

Denizde Boğulan Asker Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı
Ankara’da vatani görevini yaptıği birliğinden izin alıp ailesiyle birlikte Akçakoca’ya giden Cihad Kanca, Melenağzı mevkiinde girdiği denizde boğularak yaşamını yitirdi.

Denizde Boğulan Genç Futbolcu Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı
Balıkesir’in Marmara ilçesinde, dün denizde yüzerken ayağına kramp girmesi sonucu akıntıya kapılarak boğulan 19 yaşındaki futbolcu Serhat Birincioğlu, toprağa verildi.

Boğaziçili Arda Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı | YeniBirlik Gazetesi
Boğaziçili arda son yolculuğuna uğurlandı. İstanbul Cuma 29 Mart 2019 18:21. çeken anne Nurcan Arda’yı yakınları teselli ederken gözyaşlarına boğulan Ege Duman’ı ise babası teselli etti.
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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day 2020 message in full

Singapore celebrated its 55th National Day on 9 August 2020. The celebrations this year were very different from past years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the nation watched the annual National Day Parade through their screens instead of having the usual big show.
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressed the adjustments to National Day, as well more critical issues like the economic challenges that lie ahead, in his National Day 2020 message. Read his speech in full here:
My fellow Singaporeans,
Every year, rain or shine, Singaporeans come together on the 9th of August for the National Day Parade, to celebrate the making of our nation, and renew our commitment to Singapore.
National Day Parade
I have been privileged to attend almost every NDP since the first in 1966. One of the Parades I took part in was in 1968 at the Padang. The rain poured down, but the contingents stood steady, and marched past proudly, drenched, yet undaunted. We showed ourselves and the world that Singaporeans were rugged people, and had the steel in us to stand firm in adversity. Five years ago, SG50 was another memorable Parade. We celebrated our Golden Jubilee, and what we had achieved in Singapore. We also paid tribute to our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We mourned his passing that year, but also affirmed what he and the pioneer leaders stood for.
In good years, our parades rejoice in our progress, and look forward to a better future together.
In difficult years, we still hold National Day Parades, to renew our resolve to weather the storm and take Singapore through to better days.
This year, National Day falls amidst COVID-19. We are not able to celebrate in our usual way, but we are determined still to hold the Parade as a symbol of our unity as a nation, like we have done every year since independence. We will have a smaller Parade at the Padang, and also ceremonies at seven other locations around the island this morning. Each location will symbolise one aspect of our response to COVID-19 – Providing medical care for Singaporeans at NCID; supporting our workforce with skills and jobs at the Lifelong Learning Institute; keeping learning going for our students at North Vista Secondary School; or sustaining our community spirit at Kampung Admiralty. We look forward to Singaporeans across the island, and also in far-flung lands, joining the Parade virtually and celebrating with one another. We will all share special moments like when the Red Lions land, the mobile column reaches our town, or the State Flag is flown past. We will all recite the Pledge and sing Majulah Singapura in our hearts together.
Stories of everyday heroes
This NDP is also an opportunity for us to salute those on our frontline, fighting COVID-19.
Many of them have gone way beyond the call of duty, and shown great generosity of spirit. Retired doctors and nurses volunteered to come back, donning PPE to serve on the front lines, in hospitals and migrant worker dormitories. Full-time national servicemen extended their terms to continue supporting COVID-19 operations. Public officers volunteered to be redeployed to organise and look after the migrant workers. Many Singaporeans stepped up to help others in need. Some went door to door distributing meals and groceries to the elderly and low-income households. Others refurbished donated laptops for needy students, for home-based learning. Thousands of public-spirited Singaporeans volunteered to be trained for swab operations. They served in the hot zones, including the dormitories and community care facilities. Migrant workers too played their part to support these operations. Their help was deeply appreciated by our SAF, Home Team and public officers.
These selfless acts have made all the difference to our response to COVID-19.
Bracing for economic difficulties ahead
We will need this unity and resilience more than ever. The crisis is far from over. Many countries brought COVID-19 under control and eased restrictions, only to see their cases rise sharply again. This can happen to us too, despite all our precautions. It will most likely take a year or two before a va…
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Rascal monkey Valentino escapes enclosure in Fota Wildlife Park in Cork

Rascal monkey Valentino escapes enclosure in Fota Wildlife
A monkey escaped its enclosure in Fota Wildlife Park in Cork this afternoon.. The male roloway monkey who is named Valentino made a dash for it around 4.30pm. Animal management scampered after the …

Rebel runaway monkey Valentino back in Fota Wildlife
Frantic wildlife staff gave chase on golf carts after a rascal monkey made a break for it in Fota Wildlife Park. The Cork island was put on its own local lockdown yesterday after runaway roloway Valentino got out of his enclosure and made a dash for it.

Rascal monkey escapes enclosure in Irish zoo
A monkey escaped its enclosure in Fota Wildlife Park in Cork this afternoon. The male roloway monkey who is named Valentino made a dash for it around 4.30pm. Visitors were prevented from leaving the park as bosses sealed off all exits, while other staff attempted to give chase in golf carts armed with large nets.

Monkey escapes enclosure at Fota wildlife park
A monkey escaped its enclosure at Fota Island Wildlife Park in Cork earlier today. Patrons were stopped moving through the park as zookeepers chased the run away animal in golf carts.

Monkey escapes enclosure at Irish zoo – UPI.com
Aug. 11 (UPI) –A monkey escaped its enclosure at a zoo in Ireland and led zookeepers riding golf carts on a chase through the facility before being recaptured. Visitors to the Fota Wildlife Park

Monkey escapes enclosure at Fota wildlife park | Western …
A monkey escaped its enclosure at Fota Island Wildlife Park in Cork earlier today. Patrons were stopped moving through the park as zookeepers chased the run away animal in golf carts. However the bolting monkey ran through groups of visitors to get away. In a statement from Fota Wildlife Park, they …

UPDATE: Monkey escapes its enclosure at Fota Wildlife Park
Fota Wildlife Park released a statement this evening. Today, Tuesday 11th August, one of our residents, a male Roloway monkey, Valentino, made a brief escape from his habitat here at Fota Wildlife Park. Our escape protocols and procedures were immediately implemented by Fota Wildlife Park’s animal ranger team.

Monkey escapes enclosure at Irish zoo – Reality TV World
Visitors to the Fota Wildlife Park in Cork said the zoo was put on temporary lockdown Tuesday when a monkey escaped from its closure and ran through crowds of onlookers while being pursued by zookeepers in golf carts. A zoo spokesman confirmed the exits were blocked while staff pursued the primate, a male roloway monkey named Valentino.

EuroMillions results: Lucky punter wins €1m in Ireland …
Rascal monkey Valentino escapes enclosure in Fota Wildlife Park in Cork. Monkeys Animal management scampered after the marauding mammal who was last seen hanging around the exit to the popular park.

Monkey escapes enclosure at Irish zoo – 98.5-X WXPM Retro …
Aug. 11 (UPI) — A monkey escaped its enclosure at a zoo in Ireland and led zookeepers riding golf carts on a chase through the facility before being recaptured. Visitors to the Fota Wildlife Park in Cork said the zoo was put on temporary lockdown Tuesday when a monkey escaped from its closure and ran through crowds of onlookers while being pursued by zookeepers in golf carts.
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Teenager pleads guilty to beating up Singaporean in London: reports

Warning: Readers may find some of the detailed descriptions in the content of this article disturbing.
A teenager yesterday admitted to beating up Singaporean student Jonathan Mok in London earlier this year and is expected to be sentenced next month.

The unnamed 15-year-old boy pleaded guilty in a London courthouse to wounding or causing grievous bodily harm without intent. He was not charged with racially aggravated assault although the prosecutor said that Mok believed he was attacked due to his ethnicity, British media reported.
The accused was walking along Oxford Street with a group of friends on the night of Feb. 24 when Mok, a University College London student, said he heard someone telling him “we don’t want your coronavirus in our country.”
When Mok turned to look at the group, someone from the same group said “don’t you look at me” before throwing punches and kicks at Mok, fracturing his nose and cheekbone. Mok later posted selfies of his bruised face to Facebook, where they were shared thousands of times.

It was not clear whether the accused had said those words to Mok. The prosecutor also said that the teen was quiet during police interviews until CCTV images of the scene were showed to him. He then said: “You can’t even see me hit him.”
The teenager is the first from the group to be charged in the incident. UK police previously released images of three suspects.
This article, Teenager pleads guilty to beating up Singaporean in London: reports, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.
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Danny Rose Admits He ‘Would Love’ to Play for Tottenham Again

Danny Rose has revealed his desire to pull on a Tottenham shirt one more time to have a final opportunity to play in front of the club’s fans.
The full back fell out of favour after Jose Mourinho took the Spurs hot seat, only featuring three times in the Premier League after the former Manchester United manager was appointed in November.
Rose moved to Newcastle on loan in January, and admitted in July that his time in north London was likely reaching its conclusion.
His Spurs contract expires in 2021, but the defender has now revealed he would happily see out the final year of his deal at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
Speaking to the Second Captains podcast, Rose said: “I am very happy to stay at Tottenham and see my last ten or 11 months out, I would love to. There is nothing I want more than to play one more time in front of the fans.
“My last game for Spurs was a 1-0 defeat to Liverpool and at the time I didn’t know that was going to be or could be my last game for Spurs.”
Having spent 13 years with Tottenham, the club and fans hold a special place in Rose’s heart. The England international cited his love for the supporters as a huge factor in his desire to play for Spurs again.
“I want nothing more than to play in front of the Tottenham fans one more time, just to cherish all the moments we have had over the years with them.
“They have always been good to me, I have possibly given them reasons in the past not to be so good to me, but they know when it was game time I gave everything for them.
“I would love nothing more than to play one last time for Tottenham and just be able to say goodbye to them and thank them for everything they have done for me as a person as a player. Ultimately, as good as I am or was is because of the love they gave me.”
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Langzeitfolgen Corona: Die junge Frau berichtet über ihr Leiden

Coronavirus: Folgen von COVID-19 | gesundheit.de
Die Zahl der Menschen, die eine Erkrankung mit dem neuartigen Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 überstanden haben, steigt weltweit an. Allerdings heilt die Erkrankung COVID-19 nicht bei allen Betroffenen ohne Folgen aus. Inzwischen bezeichnen Ärzte diesen Umstand als Post-COVID-Syndrom. Welche Langzeitfolgen sind nach einer überstandenen Corona-Infektion möglich?

CoronaLangzeitfolgen: Genesen heißt nicht geheilt …
CoronaLangzeitfolgen Genesen heißt nicht geheilt . Stand: 16.07.2020 17:22 Uhr . Seitenanfang. Eine Corona-Erkrankung kann erhebliche Spätfolgen haben – das wird immer deutlicher: Noch Monate …

CoronaLangzeitfolgen – Betroffene äußern sich: Genesen …
CoronaLangzeitfolgen – Betroffene äußern sich: Genesen, aber nicht gesund . Langzeiterkrankt nach Corona “Wir gelten als Covid-19-genesen und sind nicht gesund” Von Lars Wienand, Nicole …

Corona-Patienten in Sorge wegen Langzeitfolgen | NDR.de …
In Deutschland gelten immer mehr Corona-Patienten als genesen. Aber: Nicht alle sind auch gesund. Viele kämpfen mit den Nachwirkungen von Covid-19, wie der Fall einer Frau aus Hannover zeigt.

Luftnot durch Corona noch lange nach mildem …
Über die Spätfolgen einer Coronavirus-Infektion ist noch nicht viel bekannt. Prognosen lassen darauf schließen, dass einige Patienten langfristig Beschwerden haben.

CoronaLangzeitfolgen: Hamburgerin (34) geht nach …
CoronaLangzeitfolgen: Hamburgerin leidet nach Genesung an Erschöpfung, Atemnot und Gliederschmerzen Doch es sind nicht nur die problemlosen Spaziergänge, die der 34-Jährigen nach der Infektion mit dem Coronavirus fehlen. Sie leidet trotz Genesung noch an viel schlimmeren Symptomen.

Haarausfall, Erschöpfung, Lungenschäden: Welche …
Ob eine Infektion mit dem neuen Coronavirus Langzeitfolgen haben kann, ist nicht ausreichend erforscht. Fakt ist jedoch: Immer mehr Genesene berichten von Spätfolgen, lange nachdem sie gesundet sind.

Covid-19: Patienten berichten über Spätfolgen | Kölner …
Bei Covid-19 berichten immer mehr Betroffene mit milderen Verläufen über monatelange Beschwerden. Vier Betroffene berichten und Experten erklären, was sie über Lnagzeitschäden wissen.

Coronavirus: Langzeitfolgen treffen auch junge und gesunde …
Bericht über superreiche Wohltäter: Spenden-Bekenntnisse der Milliardäre um Gates und Co. helfen Bedürftigen weniger als es scheint; Wie ihr erkennt, ob ihr womöglich am Reizdarmsyndrom leidet — und welche Ernährung eure Beschwerden lindern kann; Gutscheinheft-Aktion von Saturn: Diese Deals sind interessant

Jugendliche leiden besonders unter Corona-Isolation – zwei …
Geburtstagspartys, Freunde treffen, unterwegs sein: All das ist derzeit nicht oder nur stark eingeschränkt möglich. Jugendlichen setzt das zu; deutlich stärker als viele denken, sagt Kinder …

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Seniors Go Digital: Singtel vs Starhub vs M1 vs TPG Mobile Plan Comparison (2020)

With Zoom calls and binge-watching dramas on MeWatch, previously Toggle tv, being the new normal, senior citizens run the risk of being left behind. Not only are some seniors not digitally savvy enough to make use of these new technologies, many also lack good smartphones and affordable data plans.
To help these elderly, the IMDA has announced a new Mobile Access for Seniors scheme, which allows low income seniors in Singapore to get subsidised phones and mobile plans.
In addition, the 4 Singapore telcos have also released cheap mobile plans as part of the government’s new Seniors Go Digital programme. Now is a good time to get a mobile plan and phone for your elderly parents so you can contact them easily.

What’s the difference between Mobile Access for Seniors and Seniors Go Digital, you ask?
Mobile Access for Seniors is a government scheme by IMDA, and it comes with various eligibility criteria. Seniors Go Digital, on the other hand, is open to those in Singapore aged 60 and above.
If you qualify for IMDA’s scheme, you’ll need to attend a Seniors Go Digital learning programme and enquire at the SG Digital community hub. More details here. Once successful, you’ll get an eligibility letter from IMDA, which you can use to claim the deal from your choice of telco:
Now, if you do not qualify for this scheme, you can opt for one of the 4 telcos’ Seniors Go Digital mobile plans instead. These are open to all Singapore citizens and PRs aged 60 and above and you do not have to fulfil other requirements.

Read on for more details on the Singtel, Starhub, M1 and TPG Mobile plans, including their mobile phone options.
For the Seniors Go Digital initiative, Singtel has released 3 mobile plans: SIM Only, Combo 2, and Combo 3. Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of the plans:
Of the 3 mobile plans offered to seniors, it’s safe to ignore Singtel’s $20 SIM-only plan. Singtel’s is the most expensive SIM-only plan among the 4 telcos, and it’s also the only one with a 12-month contract! Meanwhile, direct competitor Starhub has a more attractive $8 SIM-only plan with no contract.

If you don’t mind the 24-month contract, Singtel’s Combo 2 for seniors is a decent deal at $34.32/month. With just 2GB of data, it’s adequate for seniors who mainly use the phone for calls, but not if they consume tons of video content. Its main benefit, however, is the free device.
After the 24-month period, you end up spending $823.68. The Samsung and OPPO phones are worth about $300 if you buy them separately, while the Huawei tablet is about $350.
The most expensive is Combo 3, which comes in at $49.80/month for 24 months – a fairly hefty recurring expense. It comes with 6GB of data a month, and unlimited(!) talktime and SMSes. But, just like Combo 2, we think the main draw here is the free phones, which are of a more premium range and include the new iPhone SE. Is $49.80/month worth it for an iPhone? For comparison’s sake, an iPhone SE 128GB costs $719 from the Apple store, and you have the option of getting it with a 0% interest 24-month instalment plan at about $30/month. That works out an extra $20 you’re paying every month for the phone service.
For now, the 3 Seniors Go Digital plans are available in physical Singtel Shops only, where there is an express queue for seniors. Those who sign up also get a free digital skills workshop at 8 Singtel stores.
Unfortunately, online sign-ups and training are not available at the moment, so if you’re concerned about the pandemic, you’ll have to wait.
For its Seniors Go Digital range, M1 simply applies a 25% discount to its usual mobile plans. There are basically 2 types of M1 mobile plans, either SIM-only or one that comes with a phone. Here’s a comparison of the two mobile plan types with pricing for seniors:
After Singtel, M1 has the second most expensive SIM-only plan for seniors at $18.75/month (25% discount off the usual $25). However, it’s also got the most data (30GB) and a whopping 1,000 minutes of talktime. There’s also no contract. So if you’re getting a phone plan for an elderly family member who loves watching videos and talking on the phone, …
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