Michigan’s linebackers believe they can be best in the nation

When Josh Ross was asked last week about his expectation for Michigan football’s linebackers – and what type of impact he and fellow inside linebacker Cameron McGrone could have for the defense -.he didn’t think twice before providing an answer.
“My expectation is we’re gonna be the best linebacker group in the country,” Ross, a redshirt junior, said Sept. 27. “And (McGrone) feels the same way. The talent he has, the talent I have. Us together, we can be the best. So we’re prepared and we’re ready to go do it.”
[ Here’s how Joe Milton improved during offseason, became QB No. 1 for Michigan ]
On Thursday, McGrone echoed Ross’ proclamation.
“I totally agree with that statement,” McGrone said. “I feel like we have the best combination of speed and physicality. Also, just that linebacking group is so smart. Even the young guys, they’re catching on really fast. Really little mental errors throughout all practices.
“I think the combination of all those things, I think that’s what’s making us the best in the country.”
Expectations already were high for Michigan’s linebackers with
McGrone and Ross returning
close to two seasons combined of starting experience at inside linebacker. And the two have done nothing to quell the hype.

Part of the reason why: For the first time, McGrone and Ross will get to play next to each other.
In 2018, Ross played the majority of the snaps at weak-side linebacker, recording 54 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss and one sack as McGrone redshirted. Last season, Ross was the incumbent starter before suffering a early season-ending injury and also redshirting. With Ross out, McGrone stepped in and had a breakout season, with 65 tackles, nine tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks and one forced fumble.
Entering the 2020 season, McGrone and Ross are expected to start at the two inside linebacker positions. And so far, the two have been almost interchangeable.

“It’s been amazing,” said McGrone, a sophomore. “It’s like being out there with myself sometimes. We look like the same. We’re moving the same, taking the same steps, same things. It’s really kind of crazy.”
“The game has slowed down a lot,” he added. “I see little things a lot more. It’s like my eyes have opened up a little bit wider. And like you said, I was thrown into the fire, but I was ready. Now, I’m well-prepared and I’m ready to go out there.”
McGrone trained at the weak-side linebacker position before filling in at middle linebacker. And he and Ross believe that experience will be advantageous this fall.

“Learning both positions is so helpful, not only for our defense but for me especially, just knowing what’s going on from both linebacker positions, knowing where my help’s coming from from the backend and knowing what the front’s doing on both sides,” Ross said Sept. 17. “It’s very helpful and I really feel like it’s going to benefit our defense this year for sure.”
“I think really no other linebacker corps can say they have linebackers that have those abilities,” McGrone said Thursday.

If things go as planned and McGrone and Ross start alongside each other in the middle of Michigan’s defense, the two will be living out a scenario they once dreamed about while living together during the winter semester in 2019.
“I’m just scared for everybody else, honestly,” McGrone said.

Portland Police Mocked – Shares ‘Molotov Cocktail’ Images | IE

Portland Police have been ridiculed online for sharing more than one photo of a plastic bottle stuffed with a washcloth and calling it a “molotov cocktail.”
The most recently shared image (on the right above) seems to show no burn signs whatsoever, leading defense journalist Kelsey Atherton to call it a “molotov mocktail.”
The bottle in the most recent image was found on Monday night at the Penumbra Kelly building by Portland Police officers after a group of protesters was seen marching there from Laurelhurst Park.

People in the group reportedly threw objects at the police, though no arrests were made at the scene and the group eventually left without having to be dispersed by the police.
“One of the items thrown was identified by the Explosive Disposal Unit and Arson investigators as a viable Molotov cocktail,” Portland Police claimed in the press release it shared on Twitter. “The wick was lit and the device was thrown onto the property. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished and no one was injured.”
The problem with the above statement is that Molotov cocktails are made out of three key components: glass, flammable liquid such as gasoline, and a fuse of some sort.
The glass part is essential. Glass shatters, and in doing so spreads the flaming liquid causing an explosion of fire. Throwing a plastic bottle full of burning fuel would basically be a dud – it would most likely just burn out on the spot it lands without doing much else.
Another image from this month shared by Portland police of a plastic ‘Molotov cocktail’ at least shows burn marks, though it begs the question, who’s really making these?
As Gizmodo writer Matt Novak states, the odd images seem to allow for two possibilities: “either protesters in Portland don’t know how to make a proper molotov cocktail or the Portland Police are faking the whole thing.”
Whichever one it is, people online are having a field day, such as one commenter who jokingly stated that the Portland Police department has just shown us the world’s first reusable Molotov cocktail.
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Justizverwaltung wegen Sprach-Leitfaden in der Kritik

Justizverwaltung wegen Sprach-Leitfaden in der Kritik | WEB.DE
Justizverwaltung wegen Sprach-Leitfaden in der Kritik Aktualisiert am 24. September 2020, 15:39 Uhr Berlin (dpa/bb) – Mitarbeiter des Landes Berlin sollen nicht mehr “schwarz fahren” sagen und…

Justizverwaltung wegen Sprach-Leitfaden in der Kritik
Justizverwaltung wegen Sprach-Leitfaden in der Kritik 24.09.2020, 15:38 Uhr | dpa Dirk Behrendt (Grüne), Berlins Senator für Justiz, spricht bei der Pressekonferenz.

Justizverwaltung wegen Sprach-Leitfaden in der Kritik
Justizverwaltung wegen Sprach-Leitfaden in der Kritik Dirk Behrendt (Grüne), Berlins Senator für Justiz, spricht bei der Pressekonferenz.

Sachsen-Anhalt: Halle: Kritik wegen Demo von …
18:00 Sachsen-Anhalt Halle: Kritik wegen Demo von Rechtsextremen 18:00 Rheinland-Pfalz & Saarland Luxemburg verlängert Corona-Maßnahmen bis Jahresende Politik 22.09.2020 19:34 01:38 min

Kritik an Schweizer Justiz wegen Strafverfahren gegen …
Kritik an Schweizer Justiz wegen Strafverfahren gegen Infantino: FIFA-Spitzenfunktionär deutet Komplott an Redaktion Sportbuzzer. RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland. 03.08.2020 / 15:27 Uhr . Sport …

Ermittlungen gegen Baustadtrat wegen Untreueverdachts – WELT
Der Kreuzberger Baustadtrat sorgt schon länger für Diskussionen wegen der Umstände von Wohnungskäufen. Die Justiz untersucht einen Verdacht gegen den Politiker. Auch eine Prüfung des …

Phil Hogan: EU-Kommissar wegen Teilnahme an Gala …
Ein nobles Abendessen, Abstecher zum Golfen, fragwürdige Stopps in der Zweitwohnung: EU-Kommissar Hogan soll irische Corona-Regeln gebrochen haben. Das wird zum Problem für Kommissionschefin von …

Unruhe in Berlins Gefängnissen: Beamte fürchten …
Wegen der „allgemeinen gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen” sollen dem zweiseitigen Schreiben zufolge ‪ab 1. September „alle Vorfälle mit demokratiefeindlichen Tendenzen” oder auch nur …

Kritik an Justizsenator: Berliner Staatsanwälte stellen …
Die Justiz in der Hauptstadt ist überlastet. Die Kritik an der Amtsführung des grünen Senators Dirk Behrendt häuft sich. CDU und FDP werfen ihm falsche Schwerpunktsetzung vor – und Bigotterie.

Justizverwaltung – Wikipedia
Justizverwaltung ist ein Teil der öffentlichen Verwaltung , bei der die Erfüllung allgemeiner Aufgaben der öffentlichen Verwaltung den Gerichten zugewiesen ist. Justizverwaltung ist keine Einrichtung der Rechtsprechung , weshalb Richter bei der Wahrnehmung von Aufgaben der Justizverwaltung keine richterliche Unabhängigkeit genießen. Justizverwaltung ist auch zu unterscheiden von der Geric

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Chefsåklagaren begär att domen efter Bodenmordet tas till HD

Chefsåklagaren begär att domen efter Bodenmordet tas till
Chefsåklagaren begär att domen efter Bodenmordet tas till HD Publicerad idag 15:23 I början av september friades två män i hovrätten från mord för knivdådet i Boden där en 19-årig man …

Chefsåklagaren begär att domen efter Bodenmordet tas till
Chefsåklagaren begär att domen efter Bodenmordet tas till HD onsdag den 23 september 15:25. I början av september friades två män i hovrätten från mord för knivdådet i Boden där en 19-årig man förlorade livet. Nu vill åklagaren att ärendet ska tas upp i Högsta domstolen.

Chefsåklagaren vill att HD tar upp… – SVT Nyheter …
Chefsåklagaren begär att domen efter Bodenmordet tas till HD I början av september friades två män i hovrätten från mord för knivdådet i Boden där en 19-årig man förlorade livet. Nu vill åklagaren att ärendet ska tas upp i Högsta domstolen.

Ingen förundersökning mot Palmeåklagaren efter utpekandet …
Det blir ingen förundersökning mot Palmeåklagaren Krister Peterson efter utpekandet av Stig Engström under den uppmärksammade presskonferensen i juni, det rapporterar DN. Överåklagaren Anders Jacobsson anser nämligen att utpekandet varit försvarligt. Det var under förmiddagen den 10 juni i …

Chefsåklagare: Katastrof om polisen inte får ut … – HD
Polisens rätt att kräva ut brottslingars teletrafik och position från teleoperatörerna är hotad efter en EU-dom. Nu kräver tunga åklagare och poliser att regeringen räddar ett viktigt vapen.

Båtolyckan i Södra hamn: HD prövar inte målet – Kuriren
För familjen innebär den fastställda domen en upprättelse, eftersom nära anhöriga till dem begärde att förundersökningen skulle tas upp igen efter att dåvarande vice chefsåklagare Mikael Lundquist i första skedet hade valt att lägga ned den.

Åtal efter dödsolyckan i Luleå | SVT Nyheter
En anhörig till den omkomna kvinnan begärde dock att förundersökningen skulle tas upp igen och nu har chefsåklagare Thomas Ennefors … Dömd efter dödlig båtolycka överklagar till HD.

Lägger ner utredning om svartslakt igen – HD
Brevet gjorde nytta. Överåklagare Sven-Erik Alhem bestämde den 23 februari i år att utredningen skulle tas upp igen och lämnade över ansvaret till chefsåklagare Jörgen Lindberg.

Domstolen väntar på misstänkte terroristen – HD
Den misstänkte terroristen från Drottninggatan, 39-årige Rakhmat Akilov, ställs inför häktningsdomaren på tisdagen. Polisen är säker på sin sak: Det är han som körde lastbilen. Men …

Man nekar till terroristbrott – HD
Den man som är misstänkt för att ha förberett terroristbrott i Uppsala län nekar till brott, uppger Dagens Nyheter. – Min uppfattning är att det inte leder till någonting, säger mannens …
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Porsche Pulls Le Mans Participants Out of Upcoming N24 After Positive COVID-19 Tests

Porsche pulled every single person who went to the 24 Hours of Le Mans out of this weekend’s Nürburgring 24 Hours race after three people affiliated with Porsche’s teams tested positive for the coronavirus. The tests were administered by Porsche following the conclusion of the race on Sunday.

Porsche fielded 10 cars of Le Mans’ 59-car field last weekend, two of which belonged to its factory GTE Pro team. With such a large number of participants just from Porsche who could have been exposed to the coronavirus, this could spell bigger trouble for the World Endurance Championship (of which Le Mans is a part) as well as other racing events looking to restart. The paddock was a pretty closely packed environment even without fans this year, and if Porsche found infections, who else might have been exposed?

Porsche’s no-‘Ring quarantine extends to “factory-contracted racing drivers as well as members of Porsche Motorsport and Manthey-Racing who worked at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend,” per their announcement.

This means that Manthey Racing, who runs Porsche’s factory GTE Pro Le Mans team, will not be fielding any cars at the Nürburgring 24 Hours at all. The team is known for its bright “Grello” (green and yellow) cars that are usually front-runners at Nürburgring races. While Manthey is considered a customer team for the Nürburgring 24 Hours, they’re sort of a de facto factory effort given that Porsche owns 51% of the company.

Nine racing drivers in total who participated in Le Mans will not be able to do the Nürburgring 24 Hours as a result, as listed by Porsche alongside the teams they would have competed with this weekend:

KCMG (#18): Richard Lietz, Patrick Pilet, Romain Dumas

KCMG (#19): Romain Dumas

Frikadelli Racing (#31): Matt Campbell, Michael Christensen, Kévin Estre

Falken Motorsport (#33): Thomas Preining

Falken Motorsport (#44): Matteo Cairoli

Manthey-Racing (#911): Julien Andlauer, Matt Campbell
“People’s health comes first for us. Given the current situation, it’s very clear to us that we put the needs of many ahead of our sporting goals,” Porsche Vice President of Motorsport Fritz Enzinger said in today’s press release. “We’ll do everything we can to give our customer teams the best possible support in the upcoming race by providing operational personnel and available works drivers.”
As Sportscar365 notes, three Porsche factory drivers from Le Mans, Nick Tandy, Fred Makowiecki and Laurens Vanthoor, are scheduled to race in an IMSA race at Mid-Ohio the right after the Nürburgring 24 Hours. [See update below.] No word has been released as to whether they’ll have to pull out from that event, but that would be at just the tail end of a 14-day quarantine.

Update: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020, 6:44 p.m.: Porsche announced today that its factory Porsche Motorsport North America team will withdraw from the September 27 IMSA race at Mid-Ohio due to three of the four drivers on the two-car team having been at Le Mans. The Porsche team will return to IMSA racing on October 10 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, however, this effectively kills their chance at an IMSA championship for their last year in the series. [An earlier version of this article included the wrong date for the IMSA race, which has been corrected above.]
[H/T Brad]

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How This School Dropout Became Boss Of A Coffee Shop Chain With Over 30 Outlets In S’pore

Hoon Thing Leong has come a long way from when he used to be a coffee boy.
The 72-year-old is the CEO and founder of popular coffee shop chain Kim San Leng (KSL), which has at least 30 outlets all over Singapore.
Yu Kee Duck Rice and Ming Ji Chicken Rice are just some of the popular stores you can find at the KSL coffee shops.

However, Thing Leong’s business journey started way back in 1950, when his father Hoon Moh Heng started the first KSL – Kim San Eating House – in Hougang.
Thing Leong subsequently took over the business, presumably in 1965. Since then, it has grown to become a household name.
The businessman arrived in Singapore on a ship from Fuzhou, China, when he was just five years old.
His father had arrived about 20 years before him, and worked hard to save money and open Kim San Eating House in Hougang.
After completing primary school, Thing Leong enrolled in a secondary school, but dropped out before completing Secondary Two education.
He then started working at another coffee shop his father started in Jalan Besar as a lowly kopi-boy.
His days were tough, and the work was arduous. He started work at five in the morning, and spent the days cleaning toilets, wiping tables and serving customers till late at night.
Gangsters and secret societies were also a problem. They often turned up at the coffee shops demanding protection money and often made a scene.
After seven years of slogging, Thing Leong decided to strike it out on his own. With some money borrowed from his father coupled with his own savings, he opened Jin Fa Coffee Shop at 23.
It was then that he realised the importance of up-skilling himself. He started attending business talks, reading books, and taking part in courses.
In 1990, he acquired the Bishan Kim San Leng at a whopping S$3.52 million, which is S$2 million more than the starting bid.
By that time, he had already taken over his father’s business and was also running another 11 coffee shops.
After buying over the Bishan KSL, he decided to rename all the coffee shops to Kim San Leng as a tribute to his father’s first coffee shop at Hougang.
Although many thought he was insane to pay so much for the coffee shop, he saw potential in it, and went to great lengths to get famous hawkers to set up their stores in the shop.
Thing Leong also actively learns from his overseas trips, whether for business or leisure, and applies his experiences into the local coffee shop context.
This ensures that the coffee shop continues to innovate and keep up with the times, despite being a largely traditional business.
Back in the day, he pioneered new innovations in the coffee shop trade, such as television advertising and installing time-saving automatic shutters.
Thing Leong “constantly thinks of how to attract more consumers to the franchise, and embraces changes in society,” according to the KSL website.
He also shares his learning experiences through a regular column in Lianhe Wanbao, and even published a compilation of 80 articles from his column in a book called Strategies of A Boss.
The third generation of KSL – Francis, Fiona, Michelle, Andy, and Alfred Hoon – are all aged between 37 and 47, and are already helping Thing Leong run the business.
Thing Leong would like KSL to establish itself as a century-long business, and to be passed on for generations.
More than half of KSL’s outlets are already being run by his children.
After university, he joined the family business full-time and began sourcing new outlets and stalls to expand the kopitiam chain.
“This business is my family’s root. It gives my family a shared goal, a common language that we can talk about every day,” said Andy.
Featured Image Credit: Skillsfuture and Rice Media
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Zidane Jr. firma con il Wydad Casablanca

Wydad Casablanca Results | ESPN
Visit ESPN to view Wydad Casablanca match results from all competitions, along with a season-by-season archive.

Wydad Casablanca News | Goal.com
Latest Wydad Casablanca news from Goal.com, including transfer updates, rumours, results, scores and player interviews.

Wydad Casablanca Noticias y Resultados – ESPN
Wydad Casablanca WAC. 0 . F . 0. AHL AHL. CAFCO. CAFCO. Getty Images. 364d EFE. TAS resolverá repetir final de Champions de África. El Tribunal de Arbitraje Deportivo tiene en sus manos la decisión de que se juegue o no la vuelta del partido entre Wydad Casablanca y Esperance Sportive de Túnez.

Zidane y su familia disfrutan del sol de Ibiza – AS.com
Imágenes de Zidane, entrenador del Real Madrid, con su familia de vacaciones en un barco en Ibiza.

Wydad De Casablanca – YouTube
Wydad De Casablanca uploaded a video 10 months ago 4:43. اغنية قلب حزين التي عرت واقع المغرب/ winners2005 – Duration: 4 minutes, 43 seconds. Wydad De Casablanca

Real Madrid: Primer entrenamiento de Zidane – AS.com
Primer entrenamiento de Zidane. El francés dirigió su primera sesión como entrenador del primer equipo blanco ante 6.000 aficionados.

Zidane, reflexiona – AS.com
Ha sido firme con Bale (yo tampoco lo veo para el próximo proyecto), pero le faltó tacto. Debería haberse despedido aunque sólo sea por sus goles en Kiev, Lisboa y Mestalla. San 20 de mayo.-

Wydad Casablanca Profiles | Facebook
View the profiles of people named Wydad Casablanca. Join Facebook to connect with Wydad Casablanca and others you may know. Facebook gives people the…

Zidane vuelve al Madrid (parte 1) – YouTube
ZIDANE nuevo entrenador REAL MADRID acto de presentación completo y rueda de prensa (11/03/19) – Duration: 36:27. Real Madrid Rueda de Prensa 606,584 views 36:27

Wydad Casablanca News and Scores – ESPN
Wydad Casablanca and Al Ahly clash in the second leg of the CAF Champions League final on Saturday, after sharing a 1-1 draw in the first leg. BackpagePix. 3y KweséESPN Reporter. Wydad Casablanca hold firm for away draw in CAF CL final.
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Would You Pay $32,000 For This Chevy Silverado Dually Limo?

In the era of booming SUV and crossover sales all around the world, it’s difficult not to pay attention to the second-hand market and that’s where we find different interesting vehicles for sale. We’ve seen all kinds of modified high-riding utilities and trucks, but we’ve never seen anything quite like today’s guest.
Meet the Chevrolet Silverado dually limousine which is currently listed for sale in Colorado. It’s the living proof that size matters after all with its massive interior and impressive presence. We can imagine many cool activities with this truck (including, of course, a pool party in the cargo bed) but the truth is this is the perfect vehicle for large families.
The layout of this limo includes seven doors that provide an entrance to a roomy cabin with three rows of seats with four captain’s chairs and a rear bench seat. And it’s not a boring place to be in – there are two 17.3-inch overhead DVD players to keep you entertained during the long journeys.
A big car needs a big engine, right? This one has a modified 6.6-liter turbodiesel with many hardware upgrades. The entire build rides on the stock suspension which has new front control arms, ball joints, bushings, and more, while the body has been lowered by three inches for easier access to the cabin.
All this comes in a professionally built and finished package riding on Eagle Alloy wheels. The owner of the limo wants approximately $32,000 for his ride but will also accept a higher bid if there’s enough demand. Let us know in the comments section below – would you spend $32k for it?

El rompehielos nuclear más grande del mundo hace su primer viaje al Ártico

El rompehielos nuclear más grande del mundo hace su primer
Rusia anunció que ya zarpó el rompehielos Arktika en su primer viaje hacia el Ártico. Este buque nuclear es el más grande y potente en su tipo en el mundo, y con esta travesía inaugural …

Rusia lanza al Ártico el rompehielos nuclear más grande
El “Arktika” puede cortar hielo de hasta 2,8 metros de espesor. Foto: REUTERS El rompehielos ruso “Arktika”, de propulsión nuclear conocido como el más poderoso de su tipo, partió en su viaje

El rompehielos de propulsión nuclear ruso hace su primer viaje
El rompehielos ruso “Arktika”, de propulsión nuclear, conocido como el más poderoso de su tipo y un símbolo de las ambiciones árticas de Moscú, partió en su viaje inaugural el martes.

Travesía: Rusia lanza al Ártico el rompehielos nuclear más
MOSCÚ.- Rusia anunció hoy la partida en su primer viaje del rompehielos de propulsión nuclear más grande y de mayor potencia del mundo, que inició una travesía de dos semanas al Ártico como parte de los planes de Moscú para aprovechar el potencial comercial de la región.. Conocido como “Arktika”, el rompehielos nuclear salió de San Petersburgo y se dirigió al puerto ártico de …

Travesía: Rusia lanza al Ártico el rompehielos nuclear más
MOSCÚ.- Rusia anunció hoy la partida en su primer viaje del rompehielos de propulsión nuclear más grande y de mayor potencia del mundo , que inició una travesía de dos semanas al Ártico

Rusia anuncia la travesía del rompehielos nuclear más
Conocido como “Arktika”, el rompehielos nuclear salió de San Petersburgo y se dirigió al puerto ártico de Murmansk, un viaje que marca su entrada en la flota de rompehielos de Rusia. La empresa estatal rusa Rosatomflot ha calificado al buque como el rompehielos más grande y poderoso del mundo.

Rusia anuncia la travesía por el Ártico del rompehielos
Rusia anunció el martes que el rompehielos de propulsión nuclear más grande y de mayor potencia del mundo partió en un viaje de dos semanas al Ártico como parte de los planes de Moscú para …

Rompehielos nuclear de Rusia inicia viaje al Ártico
Rusia anunció el martes que el rompehielos de propulsión nuclear más grande y de mayor potencia del mundo partió en un viaje de dos semanas al Ártico como parte de los planes de Moscú para …

El mayor rompehielos nuclear del mundo inicia pruebas en …
El navío, una joya de la ingeniería marítima, navegará por primera vez entre los hielos del Ártico donde tendrá que confirmar su título de buque insignia de la flota de rompehielos de Rusia

El mayor rompehielos nuclear es ruso y ya va rumbo al Ártico
Este navío, de 173 metros de largo y con capacidad para 53 personas, ha comenzado su primer viaje desde San Petersburgo para recorrer la Ruta del Mar del Norte, en el Ártico, durante dos semanas …
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Warrant issued for ex-Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger’s arrest

Ousted Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger is wanted by the law – again.
This time, it’s for failing to show up for court when she didn’t pay restitution, fines and court costs after pleading no contest in a case in which she was accused of taking $1,660 from an elderly Warren woman she was caring for.
A bench warrant was signed Thursday for Spranger’s arrest for failure to appear at a Sept. 10 sentence review hearing, according to Macomb County Circuit Court records.
On Monday, a request for appointment of appellate counsel was made, the records indicate.
Her former attorney, Joseph Arnone, said Thursday he tried to make contact with Spranger by the usual means of communication to no avail.
“At this point, I wish her the best of luck,” he said.
Arnone said he does not know why Spranger didn’t pay the $1,660 in restitution and $425 in fines and court costs, saying “it could have been a number of reasons.” The restitution was to be paid immediately.
“I was quite surprised,” Arnone said. “It was an excellent resolution and an opportunity to put all of this behind her.”
In August, Spranger pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace, a 90-day misdemeanor, with the original larceny felony charge to be dismissed.
Circuit Judge Diane Druzinski sentenced Spranger right after the plea was accepted. Spranger was also given credit for one day served in jail.
More: Ousted Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger pleads no contest in larceny case
Druzinski set a sentence review for Sept. 10, but Spranger did not have to appear if restitution was paid by then.
During last month’s plea and sentence, Arnone said Spranger basically had been on probation since the beginning of the case last year and had no contact with the victim.
Arnone said he has no reason to believe anything like this would happen again and Spranger “has no intention of contacting the complaining witness at all.”
Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Hall asked the court verify Spranger paid full restitution before officially dismissing the felony charge.
Spranger, 68, was accused of stealing the money from the bank account of the then-78-year-old woman without her permission. Warren police said Spranger was seen on an ATM surveillance video taking money from the woman’s account.
The prosecutor’s office has said Spranger took money from the account eight times in January 2019 without the woman’s permission.
More: Judge ousts Karen Spranger as Macomb County clerk
After the incident, police were unable to locate Spranger despite pleas for her to come in for questioning by investigators. Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer had said information police received in March 2019 was she may have been homeless and jumping from one hotel to another in the Macomb County area.
Spranger was arrested in May 2019.
In March 2018, Spranger was ousted from the county clerk’s job after a ruling by a St. Clair County judge, who determined she lied about her residency in her election paperwork. Spranger ran as a Republican and was elected in 2016, but had a tumultuous tenure in office.