Detroit Lions tailgaters gather one more time for late Detroit fireman

A police car drove down Riopelle Street, behind the Detroit Fire Department Apparatus Division garage, and told the lone group of tailgaters within walking distance of Ford Field they had to close down shop.
“No Tailgating Allowed” signs dotted Eastern Market, which usually fills with Detroit Lions fans on fall Sundays but on this day was sparsely populated with vendors selling hats, handbags and food, and a few families looking for good deals.
As for the nine Lions fans grilling brats, sausage, lamb chops and two kinds of kabobs behind the garage, well, as they explained to the understanding officer, they had a dual purpose for their tailgate.
For most of the 18 years the Lions have played at Ford Field, this group of friends has gathered before games in the same spot, only this year, one of their group was gone.
Detroit Fire Capt. Frank Williams died of complications from COVID-19 this spring, after he contracted the virus while tending to an emergency, his wife, Shanita said, and the group that bonded over the Lions came together before Sunday’s opener against the Chicago Bears to honor their friend.
For subscribers: Only thing normal about Lions’ opener: The gut punch at the end
“It’s bittersweet,” Shanita Williams said. “I got to get through it. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and the nightmare’s going to be over, but it’s not. I don’t want to start crying. I’m trying to be strong.”
Shanita and Frank met near their tailgate spot 16 years ago, Oct. 17, 2004, when Shanita said she had a few Washington Apple cocktails in her before a Lions-Packers game and began flirting with the cute fire fighter who brought some equipment in need of repairs to the garage.
[ How COVID-19 will change sports as we know them: ‘The virus is shaping the sports world’ ]
Frank took a quick liking to Shanita, and when he learned she liked football, too, he thought he hit the lottery.
They went on their first date a week later, and through 15 years of marriage attended just about every Lions game at Ford Field and road games in Arizona, Oakland and overseas in London.
“This today is not for the Lions, this is for Frank,” said Mark Bilancetti, a machinist at the garage who runs the tailgate and the man tending to the grill Sunday. “I mean, it’s what joined us together. The Lions joined us together initially, but today is something separate.”
[ Lions grades: Stafford forcing plays, coaching blunders contribute to loss ]
Bilancetti wore a Lions apron covering his Lions jersey and had a stereo with a Lions logo playing music in back. He raised a toast to Frank around 10:40 Sunday morning, and an hour or so later mused about how different the day was.
“Today was eerie, being that we were the only ones tailgating,” Bilancetti said. “Even on the preseason games, there’s more people than us here.”
Closer to Ford Field, and inside the cavernous 65,000-seat building, the strangeness of the 2020 football season was even more apparent.
The Lions did not have fans at a home game for the first time as far back as their records go. They won’t have fans at their next home game, either, Oct. 4 against the New Orleans Saints, though they’re holding out hope they can host 20,000 or so season-ticket holders for games starting in November.
With no fans at Ford Field, the parking lots directly around the stadium were largely empty, though attendants in yellow jackets still guarded each gate.
A few police patrolled the area on foot, their cruisers parked on the grass nearby. Two lonely fans in Lions jerseys circled the otherwise ghostly streets. And in one lot, members of the Fox broadcast crew visited an RV set up for daily COVID-19 testing to get their temperatures taken before entering the building.
When the game kicked off just after 1 p.m., players, coaches, officials and a few select team and NFL personnel were the only ones on the field.
The first six rows of each section were covered with blue and silver tarps, and photographers and cameramen milled about the empty blue seats.
More on Lions: Referee explains why he ejected Jamie Collins
Piped-in crowd noise played at 70 decib…
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Spectrum Analyzer Market Forecast to 2023 – Driven by Industry Major Players, Dynamics, Future Opportunities …

Spectrum Analyzer Market Size Analysis By Growth, Emerging
Press Release Spectrum Analyzer Market Size Analysis By Growth, Emerging Trends, and Future Opportunities — Global Forecast till 2023 Published: Sept. 2, 2020 at 10:15 p.m. ET

Global Optical Spectrum Analyzer Market Top Countries Data
360 Market Updates adds Global Optical Spectrum Analyzer Market 2020 report that offers an exhaustive coverage of the industry with brief analysis, data charts, figures, statistics that help take…

Optical Spectrum Analyzer Market 2020 Share, Size Global
Aug 24, 2020 (The Expresswire) — Global Optical Spectrum Analyzer Market research report is a meticulous investigation of current scenario of the market, which covers several market dynamics. The…

Spectrum Analyzer Market 2020 – 2026 Industry Forecast
Spectrum Analyzer Market 2020 – 2026 Industry Forecast Analysis by Global Opportunities, Development Size, Organization Share, Market Components, and Regional Outlook Published: March 25, 2020 at…

Real-time Spectrum Analyzers Market, 2023 | Global
Global real-time spectrum analyzers market is expected to witness a massive growth in the forecast period. The spectrum analyzer is a measurement tool that is fortified and designed to address and solve the radio frequency issues faced by the engineers because these analyzers allow them to analyze preferred features of signal frequency such as channel power, frequency level, bandwidth, and…

Spectrum Analyzer Market 2020 Size, Share, Segmentation
The report on the Global Spectrum Analyzer Market covers historical market trends, current market dynamics, market valuation by segmentation as well as region, country-level analysis for every segment, key player’s market share analysis, competitive landscape and supply chain analysis. Industry Insight The surge in demand for wireless technology, especially in the lockdown period due to

Global P2P Lending Market Dynamics Analysis To Grow At
Trending. Global P2P Lending Market Dynamics Analysis To Grow At CAGR With Major Companies And Forecast 2024; Nano Medical Device Market Outlook, Geographical Segmentation, Industry Size & Share, Comprehensive Analysis to 2025|St.Jude Medical (U.S.), Starkey Hearing Technologies (U.S.), PerkinElmer (U.S.), Stryker Corporation

Spectrum Analyzer Market by Tye & Technology – 2022
The swept-tuned spectrum analyzer market is expected to hold a major share during the forecast period because of factors such as the wide usage of spectrum analyzer compared to other types, maximum frequency coverage, and increasing advancements in terms of new-generation connectivity platforms such as 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE in the coming years.

Near-Infrared Spectrum Analyzer Market Size, 2023
Global near-infrared spectrum analyzer market is anticipated to witness an exponential growth in the forecast period. Factors such as increase in use of NIRS during process monitoring, technological advancement, increase in demand for quality purpose and specific tests, rise of non-invasive diagnostic techniques, increasing demand from healthcare sector, rising food safety concerns, increase…

Signaling Analyzer Market 2020 Global Trends
Signaling Analyzer Market 2020 Global Trends, Opportunities, Business Strategy, Growth Factors, Industry Segments, Demand, Key Players Analysis and Regional Forecast 2023 Published: April 10, 2020…

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Tepebaşı örnek oluyor

Tepebaşı Örnek Oluyor – Eskişehir Sakarya Gazetesi
Tepebaşı Belediyesi, 2016 yılının Mart ayında Türkiye’de elektrikli otobüs kullanmaya başlayan ilk belediyelerden biri olarak temiz enerji kullanımı ile diğer belediyelere de örnek oluyor.

Tepebaşı Örnek Oluyor
Tepebaşı örnek oluyor. > Eskişehir 28 Ocak 2016 13:20. kalma sorunlarının olmadığını kaydeden yurttaşlar, bu anlamlı hizmet için Tepebaşı Belediye Başkanı Ahmet Ataç’a teşekkür ettiler.iha.

Tepebaşı’nın Projeleri Bozüyük’e Örnek Oluyor
)-Tepebaşı Belediye Başkanı Dt. Ahmet Ataç, Bilecik’in Bozüyük Belediye Başkan Yardımcısı Mahmut Fındık ve Bozüyük Belediyesi Meclis üyesi Yavuz Bektaş’ı ağırladı.

Tepebaşı belediyesi türkiye’ye örnek oluyor
Eskişehir Tepebaşı Belediyesi Web Sitesi. Ramazan ayı boyunca vatandaşların mağdur olmamaları için denetimlerini sıklaştırarak sürdüren Tepebaşı Belediyesi Zabıta Müd&…

Tepebaşı Örnek Oluyor – SANAL BASIN
X. Tweet. ULUSAL. YEREL GAZETELER. SPOR. TV İZLE. RADYO DİNLE. Tepebaşı Projeleri Türkiye’ye Örnek Oluyor – Haber
Zaten Tepebaşı Belediyesi’nin engelli vatandaşlarımız için yaptığı her iş örnek oluyor, biz hayata geçirdikten sonra başka illerde benzerleri yapılıyor. Biz bundan büyük bir onur ve mutluluk duyuyoruz.

Tepebaşı Projeleri Türkiye’ye Örnek Oluyor | HUKUKİ HABER
Tepebaşı Belediye Başkanı Dt. Ahmet Ataç, Görme Engelliler Dayanışma Derneği Eskişehir Şubesi üyeleri ile kahvaltıda buluştu.Gökkuşağı Kafe’de gerçekleştirilen buluşmaya Tepebaşı Belediye…

Tepebaşı Örnek Oluyor
Tepebaşı örnek oluyor. Giriş Tarihi: 24 Şubat 2016 Çarşamba 350. Karşılıklı fikir alışverişinde bulunan Ataç ve konuklar, Tepebaşı Belediyesi’nin Türkiye’ye örnek olan projeleri üzerine konuştular.

Tepebaşı Türkiye’ye Örnek Oluyor
Tepebaşı Belediyesi’nin Belde Evleri projesi, Türkiye’ye örnek olmaya devam ediyor.

Tepebaşı Modeli Çiftçiye Örnek Oluyor
Tepebaşı Belediyesi’nin kurak arazide güneş enerjisini kullanarak kurduğu sulama sistemi, Sivrihisar ilçesi Aşağı Kepen köyü tarafından örnek alındı.
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Maserati Opens Fuoriserie Program With Three One-Off Creations

Maserati took advantage of the official presentation of the MC20 to present its personalization program called Fuoriserie program. For the launch, three one-offs based on Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte – in their naughtiest version, the Trofeo – were displayed. All three cars were created by the Centro Stile together with Garage Italia.
These one-offs are called Corse, Futura, and Unica, respectively, and represent three different collections, a small sample of the on-demand processing with which each customer can customize their car according to their tastes. All the specifications can already be ordered and, soon, the MC20 will also enter the program.
Every lucky customer who turns to the Fuoriserie department for the personalization of his Maserati must start by choosing one of the three collections:
The one-off Maserati Ghibli Trofeo Corse is a tribute to the history of the Trident and celebrates the historic Alfieri Maserati workshops with a livery inspired by hand-beaten bodies. The exterior color is called Officine Aluminum and has a brushed finish with, in the center, a double red stripe running all over the car.
The metal parts – including the logo – are machined to give raw steel or brushed aluminum effect. Alcantara reigns inside, a material with a clear racing effect, the driver’s seat has a different color from the others while the leather of the seats brings back to the vintage Formula 1 style seats.
The Maserati Levante Trofeo Futura is inspired by the hi-tech world. It is inspired by three-dimensional scans, in which grids define the objects inside the space. The bodywork is painted in the Textured Blue Graphite color with a rough satin finish to the touch, adorned with small cross-shaped finishes in reflective material reminiscent of a three-dimensional latticework. Inside, the headliner is in grey Alcantara and the seats are in white leather.
Depending on the angle you’re looking at it from, the Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo Unica returns a different color with a striking rainbow effect. On the bodywork, there are decorative tridents here and there and the rims are white with red trim as well as the brake calipers.
The interior has white and turquoise upholstery and, depending on the time of day, the windows project rays of light into the interior thanks to crystals set into the cabin.

Kneads must: Derry mum gives expats true taste of home in New Zealand

Kneads must: Derry mum gives expats true taste of home in
Kneads must: Derry mum gives expats true taste of home in New Zealandhome, constantly telling my mum not to leave the house. It is a bit daunting looking at the Irish numbers compared to New

Kneads must: Derry mum gives expats true taste of home in New Zealand. While everyone else was learning to make banana bread and sourdough, Una Lagan used the lockdown in New Zealand to set up her own soda bread company.

Kneads must: Derry mum gives expats true taste of – One …
Kneads must: Derry mum gives expats true taste of home in New Zealand Monday, 14 September 2020 ( 1 hour ago ) While everyone else was learning to make banana bread and sourdough, Una Lagan used …

Everyone Kneads Good Food by SwissPats • A podcast on Anchor
The SwissPats return to their favorite topic — food. They welcome expat, self-taught home cook and food lover behind Knead Good Food, Jennifer Bruner, to talk about her journey that led to her to create her one-of-a kind business in Switzerland. Don and Suzi also recap the latest Swiss voting results and after they ran into each other in the grocery story, they debate whether or not it’s …

News Headlines | Today’s UK & World News | Daily Mail Online
Assassin who crept into family home and shot dead mother-of-nine, 53, and her sleeping nephew, 21, in botched revenge hit faces life in jail after being found GUILTY of double murder

London Daily News – 2019-03-17 – STATOPERATOR
International modeln: New York London Paris – Model werden Special 4: 3: 5 best European cities for expats that aren’t London: 3: London patient becomes second man to be cleared of Aids virus: 3: Top Ten London: Top 10 Things to See and Do Along The River Thames: 3: Loss to Soo Greyhounds puts London Knights’ focus on final regular-season

Creating a New Journal – Join LiveJournal
Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols;

Full text of “The story of St. Paul’s Parish, Toronto …
Full text of “The story of St. Paul’s Parish, Toronto : commemorating the Centenary of the First Parish Church in the Archdiocese of Toronto” See other formats

Tulare County Sheriff’s Department, meanwhile, continued its show of force in the Orosi-Cutler area. Sheriff Bill Wittman vowed an even stronger law enforcement presence Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.Wittman also appealed for help from those who may have witnessed the shootings, one Saturday night and two Sunday night.Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 17-year-old youth Tuesday night after …

2020 Update: 180+ British TV Shows on Netflix Right Now …
Derry Girls isn’t British, but it’s an Irish TV show on Netflix Derry Girls – This Northern Irish sitcom takes place in 1990s Derry, where a group of young women grow up during the Troubles. The Worst Witch – A young adult comedy about a bumbling young witch who accidentally stumbles into witching school.
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Harshmallow: Virus prompts pause for Peeps holiday treats

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) – Peeps treats are going on hiatus for several months – another consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.
Just Born Quality Confections said it won’t be producing the popular marshmallow sweets for Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day as the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based company prepares for next Easter, reports.
Production of the holiday-shaped candies was suspended in the spring as the coronavirus spread across the state. Limited production resumed in mid-May with protocols in place to protect employees, Just Born said.
“This situation resulted in us having to make the difficult decision to forego production of our seasonal candies for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day in order to focus on meeting the expected overwhelming demand for Peeps for next Easter season, as well as our everyday candies,” the company said.
For confectioners, Easter is one of their biggest and busiest times of the year as children – and adults – use the holiday as an excuse to indulge in candy eggs and chocolate bunnies.
Just Born, which has been in business since 1923, said its other seasonal confections are expected to return to store shelves by Halloween 2021.

Welcome to the Apocalypse, Now Is the Time to Pick Up an Amphibious Car

If you’re picking up big end of the world vibes right now, you’re not the only one. From out-of-control fires to a worldwide pandemic, record-breaking hurricanes, economic woe and more, it all just seems like too much.

Friends, you need to be prepared. I’m not just talking about keeping stool softeners on hand for when you inevitably break into the MREs, either. You need a vehicle capable of traversing both land and sea. When Earth hurtles into nuclear winter from a baby shower mishap or whatever, you’ll be the smart one in the amphibious car.

1964 Amphicar 770, ready for action.

Luckily for us, this appears to be the week to pick one up, with two of the most interesting models ever made up for sale.

Road & Track found not one, but two Amphicar 770s for sale. Only 4,000 Amphicars were ever made, so it’s relatively rare to find one. They’re cute convertibles that just happen to go in the water, so people always viewed them as a bit of a novelty.

Yet that same novelty makes them the ideal cars for if-and-when some category-5 Hurricane Zzyzx finally returns your hometown to the Gulf. These were a favorite of President Lyndon B. Johnson, who sometimes liked to scare guests at his ranch by feigning a brake failure as he barreled into a lake, according to Business Insider.

The 1964 Amphicar 770’s two propellers and high-up exhaust tip you off that something’s wacky with this car.

Up for sale on eBay is a 1964 Amphicar 770 with just 1,981 miles. The current owners say that they never drove it in water and that you’ll need to test the seaworthiness out on your own, but it looks to be in fine shape. You’ll have to visit the listing itself to appreciate all of the listing’s numerous nautical puns, but as of this writing, it sits at $12,100 with a reserve unmet. Look, it’s a small price to pay for having the coolest ride in Waterworld.

1967 Amphicar 700
If you’d rather not risk it because at this rate, someone devising a giant laser beam to melt the polar ice caps would fit right in with this year, there’s also this fully restored 1967 Amphicar 770, also up on eBay. It has only 1,787 miles on the odometer and comes complete with life jackets and oars just in case, but those key extras come at a premium. The owner’s buy-it-now price is $79,900.

Perhaps you also want to be prepared for any surprise asteroids that wipe out most of humanity and leave Earth a crater-pocked doomscape. Why not be prepared for both horrifying scenarios with this rugged 1944 Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimmwagen up for sale on Bring a Trailer?

1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen
The Schwimmwagen, like the beloved Beetle and Thing, is an aircooled Volkswagen with roots in the wrong side of history. However, it’s one of the most interesting aircooleds ever made, as it’s an amphibious military vehicle that’s also ready to off-road. Like the Thing, it was based on another off-road military Volkswagen: the Type 82 Kübelwagen. The Schwimmwagen comes with a four-speed manual transmission hooked up to a two-speed transfer case, rear portal axles, and locking front and rear differentials. Its propeller is retractable to keep it out of harm’s way when needed.

This is a pretty complete package, as the listing says it comes complete with a paddle, a shovel, numerous spare parts, records and even a replica Panzerfaust anti-tank weapon that’s ready for display in a museum just in case Earth doesn’t get tossed into a nightmare dimension for the ultimate viral TikTok. (Hey, all bets are off for this year.)

The seller says it was refurbished in Germany in the 1980s and they’ve done a bunch of recent work themselves since they acquired it in 2020, including rebuilding the carburetor, adjusting the valves, and adding new braking components, fresh fuel hoses and a new battery. It’s also not cheap, though, with the current bid sitting at $85,000 with five days to go.

We realize that some of you are justifiably concerned that climate change is part of the issue (particularly the fires and storms), or that you may be worried about a Mad Max-style resource-barren hell world where the basic fluids to keep an internal combustion engine runn…

Huy : la task force locale “Sortie du nucléaire” réclame des financements pour les experts

La task force «Sortie du nucléaire» réclame des
La task force «Sortie du nucléaire» réclame des financements pour les experts. ISOPIX. Par Sudinfo avec Belga | Publié le 13/09/2020 à 16:17. Lecture zen; La task force locale en charge de se pencher sur les modalités de fermeture de la centrale nucléaire à Huy va présenter un dossier au gouvernement wallon sur l’état de ses travaux et solliciter une aide destinée à financer le

Huy : la task force localeSortie du nucléaireréclame

La task force locale hutoise «Sortie du nucléaire» réclame
La task force locale en charge de se pencher sur les modalités de fermeture de la centrale nucléaire à Huy va présenter un dossier au gouvernement wallon sur l’état de ses travaux et solliciter une…

La task force locale «Sortie du nucléaire» réclame des
La task force locale en charge de se pencher sur les modalités de fermeture de la centrale nucléaire à Huy va présenter un dossier au gouvernement wallon sur l’état de ses travaux et solliciter une…

Huy: des moyens demandés au gouvernement wallon – DH Les
Et ce en vue de préparer lasortie du nucléaire“. … C’est en janvier 2019 qu’une task force locale a été mise en place à Huy pour anticiper l’impact de la fermeture des centrales nucléaires et trouver des pistes de solutions à la problématique que représente la sortie du nucléaire qui se concrétisera par la fermeture dès 2023 de Tihange.

Trois axes pour préparer l’après-nucléaire à Huy-Waremme …
Alors que le démantèlement de Tihange 2 est prévu pour 2023 et celui de Tihange 1 et 3 pour 2025, aucun texte contraignant n’encadre cette sortie du nucléaire. Face à ce vide juridique, un plan est non seulement nécessaire, mais également urgent. C’est pourquoi, avec l’équipe des Ecolos hutois, nous proposons un plan en trois […]

Réseau Sortir du nucléaire — Wikipédia
Réseau Sortir du nucléaire regroupe des associations françaises antinucléaires depuis 1997. À l’origine environ 900 associations, syndicats, entreprises, fédérations et partis politiques font partie du réseau et quelque 60 000 personnes ont signé la charte du Réseau [R 1].Depuis, affaibli par plusieurs crises internes et par le départ de nombreuses associations adhérentes [1], le

Mali, un pas vers l’inconnu après le putsch militaire
Accueil; Monde; Mali, un pas vers l’inconnu après le putsch militaire. Analyse Renversé par des militaires, le président malien, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, a annoncé, dans la nuit du mardi 18 …

Usine Orano Malvési — Wikipédia
L’usine Orano Malvési [3] (avant 2018, Areva Malvesi) est une usine de raffinage et de conversion [4] du yellowcake (un concentré de minerai d’uranium) sous la forme de tétrafluorure d’uranium (UF 4) située à Narbonne dans la zone industrielle de Malvezy. Elle a été exploitée par la Comurhex pendant 39 ans [5], avant d’être intégrée dans le groupe Areva en 2014.

NUCLÉAIRE INFOS | Site d’informations totalement …
Pour les verts, une task-force interfédérale dotée de moyens spécifiques, issus des provisions, doit être mise sur pied afin de reconvertir le site avec un plan de redéploiement économique. « C’est un enjeu qui doit mobiliser l’ensemble des forces politiques, il faut ouvrir la task force locale à d’autres échelles de pouvoir », estime Anabelle Rahhal. Plan social: modifier la loi …
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Chart of the Day: Singapore’s top 10 fintech deals raised $259m in H1

This makes up 73.8% of all investments in the country during the period.
This chart from Fintech Global shows the top 10 fintech deals in Singapore for the first half-year of 2020. All in all, the top 10 pooled together an aggregate $259m, comprising 73.8% of overall investments in the country during the period.
Elara Technologies, a tech-powered real estate advisory company, raised the largest deal of the period after closing a $70m venture round led by NewsCorp and REA group. With the new funds, Elara Technologies has raised $175m to date.
Out of the top ten deals, two were completed by Singapore-headquartered Funding Societies, an online platform for SMEs to acquire loans, which raised $70m in Series C funding rounds. Both deals were completed in Q2, bringing the company’s total funding to $112.5m.
The pandemic has dealt a significant blow to the sector, where from H1 2019 to H1 2020, the total funding from the top ten deals plunged 83.7%. In H1 2019, a majority of funding stemmed from a $1.4bn deal from Sea Limited in a post-IPO. Singapore was hit heavily in Q1 2020, with a small recovery in Q2.
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