BMW’s Ridiculous Quad-Turbo Diesel Engine Was Too Weird to Live

One of the weirdest engines in the industry-BMW’s quad-turbo, six-cylinder diesel B57S-is going out of production in September, reports BMW Blog. It made nearly 400 horsepower in some of BMW’s upper-range diesel models outside of the U.S., including 7 Series, 5 Series, X5s, X6s and X7s, but at the end of the day, it was simply the wrong weird engine at the wrong budget-tightening time.

The B57S engine has been in production since 2016 and unsurprisingly, it was the only quad-turbocharged diesel on sale today. It made its debut in the 750d and then rolled out into BMW’s biggest cars from there.

Yet 2016 was right after the Dieselgate emissions scandal blew up, which changed the public’s-and regulators’-perception of diesels. A diesel was no longer a fuel-sipping option that could help a company’s fuel efficiency stats. It was a liability after Dieselgate’s fallout prompted the adoption of stricter emissions laws.

Worse yet, BMW’s complicated quad-turbo diesel was expensive to build and maintain. Everyone’s belts further tightened during COVID-19, and nothing about the costly, complex B57S makes sense in a pandemic.
Yet we’ll miss the B57S as enthusiasts, not only because it was a true weirdo, but because its performance was commendable. It pumped out 394 hp and a whopping 561 pound-feet of torque. The author of BMW Blog’s farewell post, Gabriel Nica, said that the crazy diesel was his preferred engine for the X7. It launched the big, 4,985-pound BMW X5 M50d from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

It’s the kind of engine Americans drooled over from afar. If anyone has one out there just laying around, I, for one, would love to shove it into something tiny and ill-advised with a clean Florida title.

BMW will give this lovable weirdo a nice send-off with Final Edition models of the X5 M50d and X7 M50d for Eastern and Central European markets. These will come with several standard upgrades, including Laserlight headlamps, comfort seats, gesture controls, autonomous driving assistants and its “Crafted Clarity” Swarovski glass trim bits. “Final Edition” will be inscribed on the door sills, too.
RIP, you lovable weirdo. With electrified drivetrains taking diesel’s place as automakers’ go-to for an efficient, torque-happy and environmentally friendly option, it’s less and less likely that someone will pull out a Hail Mary of under-hood weirdness on this scale. Maybe there will be a unique EV configuration that will catch our eye next. Please amuse us, drivetrain folks.
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Club Brugge krijgt eindelijk nieuws: ‘Adolfo Gaich maakt toptransfer’

Club Brugge krijgt eindelijk nieuws: ‘Adolfo Gaich maakt
Club Brugge krijgt eindelijk nieuws: ‘Adolfo Gaich maakt toptransfer’ (19 ) 11:30: Messi staat voor megatransfer: ‘260 miljoen en 4-jarig contract ligt klaar’ (86 ) 10:50: Officieel: …

Club Brugge krijgt eindelijk nieuws: ‘Adolfo Gaich maakt
Club Brugge krijgt eindelijk nieuws: ‘Adolfo Gaich maakt toptransfer’ – ‘Percy Tau tekent weldra voor nieuwe uitleenbeurt’ – LIKE CLUB OP FACEBOOK!

Geen Club Brugge: ‘Gaich maakt langverwachte transfer voor …
Adolfo Gaich werd de afgelopen maanden veelvuldig in verband gebracht met Club Brugge. Het ziet er echter naar uit dat de Argentijnse aanvaller naar CSKA Moscow zal verhuizen. Dat laat Gaich zelf weten aan TyC Sports. “Ik heb een goed gevoel om naar Rusland te gaan”, klinkt het.

Unieke buitenkans voor Club Brugge: ‘Vraagprijs Gaich
Club Brugge krijgt ook goed nieuws in het bericht. Zo klinkt het dat San Lorenzo nog maar zeven tot acht miljoen euro hoopt te kunnen krijgen voor Gaich. Enkele maanden geleden bedroeg de vraagprijs nog meer dan vijftien miljoen euro.

Club Brugge was bereid om de Belgische records te breken …
Club Brugge bewoog in januari hemel en aarde om Adolfo Gaich naar Olympia te halen. De cijfers bewijzen dat blauw-zwart héél ver wou gaan voor de aanvaller.

UPDATE: ‘Club Brugge gaat nog steeds voor …
Update: Volgens journalist Federico Clarat gaat Club Brugge nog steeds voor miljoenen- en recordtransfer Adolfo Gaich. De Argentijnse aanvaller staat al een tijdje in de belangstelling van Blauw-Zwart. Ook het Engelse Leeds is geïnteresseerd, maar naar verluidt staat Club Brugge dichter bij een transfer.

‘Club Brugge geeft komst Gaich niet op, nog extra …
Club Brugge beleefde afgelopen winter een heuse transfersoap met Adolfo Gaich. De Argentijn stond op het punt om richting Blauw-Zwart te trekken, maar de overgang ging finaal niet door. Deze zomer wel?

Toptarget van Club Brugge Gaich door de ogen van zijn …
Adolfo Gaich (20) staat al heel de wintermercato in de belangstelling van Club Brugge. De spits van San Lorenzo is aanvoerder van de nationale beloften van Argentinië. Daar deelt hij de …

VP Scout: Adolfo Gaich, de nakende recordtransfer van Club
13 miljoen euro, het zou de duurste inkomende transfer ooit zijn in de Belgische competitie. Het lijkt er echter sterk op dat dat bedrag één van de komende dagen op tafel wordt gelegd. Club Brugge wilt erg diep in de buidel tasten voor Adolfo Gaich, maar wie is deze Argentijnse spits eigenlijk?

Club Brugge Nieuws | Jupiler Pro League | Sportnieuws …
06-jun (08:20) Club Brugge moet in actie schieten: “Nog geen officieel bod voor Gaich” ( 06-jun (08:13) Club Brugge krijgt geweldig nieuws te horen over droomtarget Adolfo Gaich ( 06-jun (08:06) Club Brugge grijpt in en zet drie spelers tegelijk op transferlijst (
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Prosecutor: Girl detained for skipping homework should be released

This story was co-published with ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power.
The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office has told the Michigan Court of Appeals that it supports the release of a 15-year-old high school student who has been in a juvenile facility since spring when she violated probation by not completing her schoolwork.

The response from Prosecutor Jessica Cooper’s Office on Wednesday came after an attorney for the Michigan teenager, known as Grace,* asked the Michigan appellate court on Monday to hear the case on an emergency basis and order her released immediately from the facility where she has been held since May 14. Cooper is up for reelection in a primary next week.
“We are very thankful to the Oakland County prosecutor for their concurrence in this matter. It is clear they see the injustice in Grace’s continued detention,” said attorney Jonathan Biernat, who represents the Birmingham Public Schools student. He asked the appellate court to issue its opinion by Aug. 3. “We are confident that the Court of Appeals will grant our request and allow Grace to return home.”
Cooper’s office pushed for Grace’s detention earlier this year, but now it has repeatedly said it supports sending her home to her mother. At a hearing last week, the presiding judge of the Oakland County Family Court Division, Mary Ellen Brennan, denied a request from Biernat to release the teenager, saying the girl will benefit from the mental health treatment she receives at the Children’s Village detention center. Both Grace and her mother have pleaded for her to return home.
Grace’s case, detailed in a ProPublica Illinois investigation this month, has sparked protests in Michigan, including one Wednesday night, and has drawn widespread attention. Members of Congress, state lawmakers and Birmingham Public Schools board members, among others, have called for her release, and more than 300,000 people have signed an online petition.
The Michigan Supreme Court’s oversight agency is reviewing the procedures in the case.
On Wednesday, six federal lawmakers asked the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene in the case, saying they have “grave concern” about the decision to detain Grace during the COVID-19 pandemic. They asked the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights to investigate and for the Justice Department to review the judge’s order to detain Grace and her denial to release her last week. The lawmakers asked for a response by Aug. 7.
Grace is Black, and activists and others, including her mother, say her case highlights systemic racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. From January 2016 through June 2020, about 4,800 juvenile cases were referred to the Oakland County court. Of those, 42% involved Black youths even though only about 15% of the county’s youths are Black, according to a ProPublica Illinois analysis. Research also has shown a disproportionate number of youths of color are incarcerated in Michigan.
“While Grace has faced many personal challenges in her young life, it was her lack of completion in online coursework that the judge cited as the definitive reason for sentencing Grace to juvenile detention,” the request from the lawmakers states. “This is simply unacceptable.”
The letter was from Michigan Reps. Andy Levin, Debbie Dingell, Brenda Lawrence, Haley Stevens and Rashida Tlaib, as well as Rep. Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts. They wrote that the case “points to deeply entrenched systemic issues” and cited data that shows Black girls with disabilities are disproportionately suspended from
Grace, who has ADHD and receives special education services, struggled with the transition to online learning and fell behind when her Michigan school stopped in-person classes because of COVID-19. Two weeks after being put on probation in April, Grace’s probation officer filed a violation of probation charge against her, citing incomplete schoolwork.
“Particularly as schools ready for the upcoming academic year, we must be clear that our children should be provided with additional supports and services, they sho…

Covid-19. Venezuela com novo recorde de contágios diários confirmados

EUA registram novo recorde de contágios por covid-19
Número de casos diários supera marca de 60 mil pela quarta vez nos últimos dias, bate o segundo recorde seguido e o sétimo no período de 11 dias. Cifras são alavancadas principalmente por …

Covid-19: Novo recorde de contágios diários no Irão e mais …
Os casos diários confirmados de covid-19 atingiram novo recorde no Irão, com 3.574 pessoas infetadas e 59 óbitos em 24 horas, disse hoje o porta-voz do Ministério da Saúde iraniano.

Flórida tem novo recorde diário de mortes por Covid-19
Miami, 23 jul (EFE).- A Flórida confirmou nesta quinta-feira mais 173 mortes por Covid-19, um recorde diário no estado, e 10.249 novos casos de infecção pelo coronavírus, após três dias seguidos com menos de 10 mil contágios.Miami-Dade reportou mai

COVID-19: Novo recorde de contágios em Israel com 1.464 …
Um responsável do ministério confirmou à agência France Presse que se trata de um recorde de infeções diárias no Estado hebreu, que já registou 35.533 casos desde o início da pandemia da covid-19, incluindo 350 mortos. Israel, com cerca de nove milhões de habitantes, anunciou o primeiro caso do novo coronavírus a 21 de fevereiro.

China reporta o maior número de casos diários de covid-19
O governo de Hong Kong decidiu reforçar as medidas de isolamento social para conter uma nova onda da covid-19, após 145 novos casos serem confirmados nas últimas 24 horas, um recorde na região. Residentes de Hong Kong não poderão se juntar em grupos com mais de duas pessoas, enquanto restaurantes ficarão fechados por sete dias, a começar pela próxima quarta-feira (29).

Mundo se aproxima de 9,5 milhões de casos confirmados de
Os casos confirmados de Covid-19 em todo o mundo estão perto de chegar a 9,5 milhões, após um aumento de 167 mil nas últimas 24 horas, o que representa um novo recorde de contágios diários.

Covid-19: México regista mais de 8.000 casos, novo recorde
O México registou mais de oito mil novos casos de covid-19 nas últimas 24 horas, um novo recorde diário no país desde o início da pandemia, informaram hoje as autoridades de Saúde mexicanas.

EUA superam 4 milhões de casos confirmados de Covid-19
Os Estados Unidos, país do mundo mais afetado pela pandemia de Covid-19, ultrapassaram nesta quinta-feira 4 milhões de casos confirmados, em meio ao aumento dos contágios em vários estados …

OMS retira cloroquina de testes em definitivo e confirma …
RIO — No mesmo dia em que confirmou 212.326 mil casos por Covid-19 em apenas 24 horas, novo recorde mundial, a Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS) comunicou sua decisão de retirar …

América Latina tem recordes de mortes diárias por covid-19
América Latina tem recordes de mortes diárias por covid-19 Enquanto a Europa relaxa medidas após declínio de contaminações e de mortes, a América Latina registra 1,1 milhão de contágios e …
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