New Porous Yet Sturdy Mat Can Adsorb 25 Times Its Weight

Oil spills are an impending doom at our doorstep. After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, researchers have embarked on a search into novel methods for damage containment. The latest development in this field came from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Its creators claim it is highly efficient in its adsorption (which is different than absorption) capacity and also reusable.
Researchers utilized a polymer called 6FDA-TrMPD as their starting point as the material is highly porous in nature. The researchers take a liquid solution and draw it through an electric field with a syringe in a method known as electrospinning.
Through this process, the team was able to obtain a highly-porous, yet sturdy mat. 0.04 oz of this material has a 6100 square feet surface area (565 sq mt for 1 gram). Researchers also added hydrophobic (water-repellent) trifluoromethyl group molecules, which also help with adsorbing oil.

During lab testing, the team discovered that they could adsorb about 0.88 (25 grams) oz of oil per 0.04 oz (1 gram) of material deployed. The team notes that this makes this particular mat more efficient than many of its similes let aside the fact that it’s reusable.

Fuat Topuz, an author of the study notes, “The sorption performance of the material is much better than many reported adsorbents, and the materials could be recycled and reused with similar performance, demonstrating their great potential for cleanup of oil spills and nonpolar solvents.”
The researchers are now looking into sustainably sourced polymers that can be purposed this way, and optimizing different builds for different pollutants (i.e. heavy metals). Another author Gyorgy Szekely adds “In our next step, we will process these materials further to create membranes and fibrous sponges to make easily recoverable adsorbents while preserving their high performance.”
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Google’s new ‘for context’ links could give you the big picture around big news stories

If you’ve recently spotted a little secondary box underneath a Google News story that gives you a big-picture understanding of the news, you’re not alone: Google appears to be experimenting with a new “for context” feature in Google News that links to a second, broader story on the same topic.
Spotted earlier by Valentin Pletzer on Twitter, the feature appears to be live on mobile phones for some very specific search results:
It’s small enough that you might easily miss what’s changed, but it’s that “for context” box under the CNET story. Intriguingly, it links to another CNET story to provide the bigger picture; it’s possible that this feature isn’t designed to divert traffic from some publishers to others, but rather just to provide the bigger picture around a news story. That’s also how Facebook’s “About This Content” feature often works, which also frequently points to related content from the same website. Of course, Google also has “knowledge panels” and “featured snippets” outside of its news box to direct people to more info about all sorts of topics.
While multiple Verge editors have gotten the new Google feature to work in multiple time zones, we weren’t able to make it pop up for other potentially controversial news topics like hydroxychloroquine. This CNET example is actually the only one we’ve seen thus far, and Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about where and how the idea might roll out. Let us know if you spot more?
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, big tech platforms have accelerated their efforts to warn readers about misinformation, with explicit warning labels, “authoritative context” around conspiracy theories, and even a warning to readers that they might not want to share older, out-of-date articles.

Va Lozoya a audiencia este martes por caso AHMSA

Va Lozoya a audiencia este martes por caso AHMSA [Nacional …
Va Lozoya a audiencia este martes por caso AHMSA Por Agencia Reforma Un juez federal programó para este martes a las 9:00 horas la audiencia inicial en la que será imputado de lavado de dinero

Va Lozoya a audiencia este martes por caso AHMSA | Super …
Un juez federal programó para este martes a las 9:00 horas la audiencia inicial en la que será imputado de lavado de dinero

Lozoya a audiencia este martes por caso AHMSA – El …
Lozoya a audiencia este martes por caso AHMSA julio 27, 2020 admin Agronitrogenados, AHMSA, Altos Hornos de México, Artemio Zúñiga Mendoza, Emilio Lozoya, Fiscalía General de la República, Hospital Ángeles del Pedregal, juez federal, Pajaritos, Pemex, Petróleos Mexicanos, Veracruz. Un juez federal programó para este martes a las 9:00 …

Audiencia de Emilio Lozoya se realizará este martes
El Consejo de la Judicatura Federal (CJF) informó que este martes a las 9:00 horas se llevará a cabo la primera audiencia de Emilio Lozoya, ex director de Pemex y quien está acusado de supuesto …

Audiencia de Emilio Lozoya inicia este martes – El Sol de …
El exdirector de Pemex, Emilio Lozoya Austin, tendrá su primera audiencia este martes a las 9 de la mañana, por las acusaciones en su contra de corrupción en el caso de Altos Hornos de México …

Inician este martes, por videoconferencia, las audiencias
Un juez federal convocó para este martes 28 de julio la primera audiencia al exdirector de Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) Emilio Lozoya, envuelto en varias acusaciones de corrupción y quien comparecerá por video dado su estado de salud, informaron las autoridades. “Les informo que la audiencia será mañana a las 9 de la mañana”, expresaron representantes del Consejo de […]

Audiencia de Emilio Lozoya será este martes 28 de julio …
La primera audiencia de Emilio Lozoya, exdirector de Pemex, será este martes 28 de julio a las 9:00 de la mañana, por video

Inician este martes, por videoconferencia, las audiencias
Un juez federal convocó para este martes 28 de julio la primera audiencia al exdirector de Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) Emilio Lozoya, envuelto en varias acusaciones de corrupción y quien comparecerá por video dado su estado de salud, informaron las autoridades. “Les informo que la audiencia será mañana a las 9 de la mañana”, expresaron representantes del Consejo de la Judicatura …

Minuto a minuto: Audiencia de Lozoya por caso Agronitrogenados
Este martes autoridades judiciales mexicanas iniciaron la primera audiencia por el juicio que se le sigue a Emilio Lozoya, exdirector de Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) por el caso de Agronitrogenados. Sigue el minuto a minuto de esta diligencia que se lleva a cabo de manera virtual: 09:35 hrs. El Juez …

Inician este martes, por videoconferencia, las audiencias
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US companies looking to return home from China face significant problems

As the United States awakens to its supply-chain vulnerabilities amid heightened pressure on companies to “reshore” from China, it is grappling with an uncomfortable truth: most will not end up relocating to the US. And, business experts say, the relatively few that do probably should not have left in the first place.
“Reshoring was just something nice, a nice idea, mostly for companies that should never have outsourced to a country like China,” said Renaud Anjoran, chief executive of Shenzhen-based Sofeast, which advises companies manufacturing in China and Vietnam. “Their total cost was not really that much lower, they didn’t save that much, they were not that labour-intensive.”
Accurate figures on reshoring are hard to come by. The Kearney Reshoring Index showed record shifts of US production from Asia in 2019, but this measures macroeconomic trends not individual jobs, companies or where they move to.
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Another online “Reshoring Initiative”, which claims that “around 900,000” jobs returned to the US between 2010 and late 2019, relies on Google searches and does not factor in how many jobs were lost.
Patrick Van den Bossche, a Kearney partner who pioneered the Reshoring Index, said that companies often announce production shifts to the US, attracting headlines and official praise, without following through.
“There are these bold statements about bringing everything back from China,” said Van den Bossche. But all too often, 5,000 promised jobs are quietly scaled back to 500 even as deadlines stretch into years, he said. “Soup is never eaten as hot as it’s cooked. There’s a lot of blowhard stuff going on right now.”
That has not stopped the calls from Washington to “reshore” and “decouple” the world’s two largest economies, fuelled by Covid-19, the trade war and mounting US-China tensions.
The Defence and Commerce Departments are pressuring US companies to sharply reduce or end China sourcing and manufacturing; the State Department is working with Australia, India and Japan to reroute supply chains; and President Donald Trump signed an executive order in May directing the US International Development Finance Corporation ” America’s development bank for emerging markets ” to bolster US manufacturers.
“My goal is to produce everything America needs for ourselves and then export to the world,” Trump said on a recent visit to a Pennsylvania factory.
Congress, for its part, has introduced several bills recently aimed at reshoring manufacturing and revitalising US industries. Legislation ” targeting industries from rare earths and medical products to drones, steel and semiconductors ” calls for subsidies, tax breaks, national security safeguards and investment restrictions or bans on Chinese companies.
Coronavirus has been a painful wake-up call that we are too reliant on nations like China,” said US Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina.
Economic and political logic do not always correspond, however. Manufacturers relocating from Asia to the US are often confronted by creaky factories, outdated infrastructure, underdeveloped supplier networks and mismatched labour, analysts said.
“I don’t believe that countries, any country around the world, can reskill people very quickly,” said Rafael Salmi, president of Richardson RFPD, a technology engineering company based in Geneva, Illinois.
“You’re going to have hundreds of thousands of Uber drivers or Instacard delivery people or hairdressers that lose their jobs. And it’s like, wow, I’m going to create a hi-tech factory? The access to talent is still a big challenge.”
High-end sportswear maker Kitsbow decided last year that US production made sense given the long lead times, cash flow concerns and language gaps with its Chinese suppliers. But implementing a just-in-time inventory system ” which is second nature in Asia ” was challenging back in North Carolina.
“We knew we would have to train some of the sewers. We didn’t realise we would have to train almost all of them,” said Kitsbow chief executive David Billstr…
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Quatre soirées Inattendues à l’abbaye de Noirlac, à Bruère-Allichamps

L’abbaye de Noirlac propose des animations “inattendues
L’abbaye de Noirlac se réinvente avec « Les inattendues », un rendez-vous inédit, du 28 au 31 juillet. D’autres activités sont proposées depuis le 11 juillet.

L’abbaye – Abbaye de Noirlac
L’abbaye. Billetterie . Accès. Horaires & Tarifs … 18200 Bruère-Allichamps Réservation : 02 48 96 17 16 Informations : 02 48 62 01 01 . Contact. Département du Cher. Le Conseil départemental du Cher, propriétaire du monument, est à l’initiative de la création du Centre culturel de rencontre de Noirlac. République Française Culture et Communication. Région Centre-Val de Loire …

Les Inattendues // 3 – Abbaye de Noirlac
Les Inattendues 2020 MUSIQUE / DANSE AÉRIENNE / VISITE NATURE / MISE EN LUMIÈRE. Tous dehors ! Ce pourrait être le mot d’ordre des Inattendues de Noirlac Des inattendues, qu’elles soient rencontres, découvertes, émotions, n’est-ce pas ce que nous attendons au sortir d’une crise qui nous laisse devant tant d’incertitude ?

PDF NOIRLAC (Bruère-Allichamps) – Abbaye de Noirlac
NOIRLAC (Bruère-Allichamps) Parmi toutes les abbayes cisterciennes qui ont jalonné le territoire du diocèse de Bourges, seule l’abbaye de Noirlac est parvenue jusqu’à nous dans sa quasi-intégralité. Son homogénéité, ses qualités architecturales et la réussite de sa restauration en font un monument de référence. Les circonstances de la fondation de l’abbaye de Noirlac, appelée …

L-abbaye – Les soirées de L’abbaye
L’Abbaye a le plaisir de vous convier mensuellement à un événement qui se réinvente à chaque fois, nouveau thème, nouveau décor, nouvelle ambiance. Les performeurs et DJs rythmeront vos soirées tout au long de la nuit. Nous vous invitons à nous rejoindre sur notre page Facebook (lien ci-dessous) afin de suivre en direct toutes les informations relatives à ces soirées organisées …

salle des réception de l’abbaye de Noirlac Bruère
Noirlac, Bruère-Allichamps, Tous nos lieux. Ajouter aux Favoris. 981. Salles de mariage pour soirée et vin d’honneur prestige à l’abbaye de Noirlac, centre, cher 18 Bourges . L’abbaye de Noirlac, l’une des plus belles abbayes d’Europe, figure aujourd’hui parmi les ensembles monastiques les mieux conservés. Au cœur d’un écrin de verdure, ce bijou de l’architecture cistercienne …

L’abbaye – Abbaye de Noirlac
L’abbaye. Son histoire; Son architecture; Les nouveaux jardins; Le bocage de Noirlac; La visite à 360 ° du site; Noirlac, Centre culturel de rencontre; Partenaires, réseaux et mécénat; L’équipe; Recrutement / Stage; L’agenda; Médiathèque; Les visites & activités. Visites individuelles du monument, du bocage; Visites Scolaires …

Abbaye de Noirlac — Wikipédia
L’abbaye de Noirlac est une abbaye cistercienne située à Bruère-Allichamps, près de Saint-Amand-Montrond, dans le département du Cher.C’est une des abbayes cisterciennes les mieux préservées. Acquise par le département du Cher en 1909, restaurée de 1950 à 1980, elle est actuellement un centre culturel de rencontres, membre du réseau européen des centres de rencontre [4], [5].

Abbaye De Noirlac – Restaurant, Noirlac 18200 Bruère
Auberge de l’Abbaye de Noirlac Noirlac, 18200 Bruère-Allichamps … Restaurant Les Tilleuls rte Noirlac, 18200 Bruère-Allichamps Ouvre à 12h. Plus d’infos. Larguinat Ghislaine 35 rte Noirlac, 18200 Bruère-Allichamps

Horaires d’ouverture Auberge de l’Abbaye de Noirlac Bruère
Trouvez les horaires d’ouverture et de fermeture pour Auberge de l’Abbaye de Noirlac, Noirlac, 18200, Bruère-Allichamps et vérifiez d’autres détails aussi, tels que: la carte, le numéro de téléphone, le site Internet.
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