Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan football pay cut restores balance after 10% raise

The world works in mysterious ways — shifting and readjusting, pushing and pulling as competing forces work to maintain an equilibrium.
There was life before the COVID-19 outbreak, when this planet was humming along, sports were played without interruption and Jim Harbaugh became the recent recipient of a 10% raise baked into his contract.
There is the trying existence we now lead during a pandemic, when nations across this globe have been paralyzed, games of all kind have disappeared from the calendar and the Michigan football coach is subjected to a 10% pay cut that is just another consequence of this nasty virus.
As the face of an athletic department anticipating a $26.1 million deficit in the next fiscal year, Harbaugh’s salary reduction is a good-faith effort to help alleviate some of the bleeding. Along with AD Warde Manuel and basketball coach Juwan Howard, who also will see their compensation trimmed 10%, he is being a team player.
And at Michigan, it’s supposed to be about the team, the team, the team.
So often, though, it’s about Harbaugh and the money he nets on an annual basis.
This year, he was set to make $8.05 million — a figure that would have only been eclipsed in 2019 by the earnings of two coaches, Clemson’s Dabo Swinney and Alabama’s Nick Saban.
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Until reigning champion LSU zipped into the College Football Playoff this season with Joe Burrow at the wheel and Ed Orgeron riding shotgun, Saban and Swinney went back and forth trading national titles during a four-year span.
Harbaugh, all the while, watched from afar.
Sure, there were temporary appearances in the top four of the preliminary CFP brackets, as Michigan flirted with inclusion in one of sports’ most exclusive tournaments during 2016 and 2018.
But the Wolverines have never advanced to Indianapolis to compete for Big Ten supremacy, which made Harbaugh’s salary figure seem outsized.
Perception so often governs the discourse, and consequently Harbaugh’s contract has become an albatross, creating the burden of overwhelming expectations for a coach who has won 72% of his games at Michigan but hasn’t been able to push the Wolverines into the top tier of the sport.

Michigan football opens the 2020 season Sept. 5 on the road against Washington, and finishes Nov. 28 on the road against Ohio State.

If one were to project results based on Harbaugh’s annual compensation, then he should be in the CFP every year.
He’s paid in an equivalent range, after all, and in turn Harbaugh is judged accordingly.
Upon Michigan losing to Ohio State for the fifth straight year under Harbaugh and then suffering its fourth consecutive bowl loss in January, a provision in Harbaugh’s contract kicked in that would give him a 10% pay increase. Per the terms of his deal, the raise could have been even larger if Michigan and Harbaugh determined through good-faith negotiations that he was “compensated less than fair market value.”
He wasn’t.
But Harbaugh was still in line to make a princely sum that seemed more than reasonable.
Then the pandemic arrived, disrupting the sports world and changing Michigan’s financial outlook. Last week, Manuel delivered some sobering projections to the university’s board of regents before the panel voted to approve the budget. Revenue is expected to decline nearly $61 million, as the amount of money secured from spectator admissions is anticipated to drop 50%. With the university making cuts and instituting furloughs in other sectors, it only seemed a matter of time before Manuel’s department endured the same kind of pain. On Monday, after the budget passed, it was announced that a sliding scale with salary reductions ranging from 5 to 10% were implemented for athletic department employees making more than $50,000 with the highest earners suffering the biggest decrease.
Harbaugh, the most recognizable figure in Michigan’s sports program, is at the top of that pyramid.
He’s still making big money.
But now he’s taking home a little less. A 10% bump has been followed by a 10% dip.
As the natural order would have it, some balance has been restored.
Steve Berkowitz of USA TODAY contributed to this report.
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Paid Parental Leave is changing today but advocates say one part is still missing

Paid Parental Leave is changing today but advocates say
Paid Parental Leave is changing today but advocates say one part is still missing. By political reporter Georgia Hitch. Posted 38 m minutes ago Tue Tuesday 30 Jun June 2020 at 6:41pm.

Paid Parental Leave is changing today but advocates say
The Government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme is changing from today, but it still does not include superannuation payments that advocates say are crucial to securing women’s long-term financial …

Why Walmart Expanded Parental Leave — and How to Convince …
And since only 14% of civilian U.S. workers have access to any paid parental leave, employees at most American firms can now say the words, “I’d have better parental leave if I worked at …

Paid Parental Leave: Frequently Asked Questions
The Parental Leave benefit provides up to three weeks paid leave per birth event or adoption event, regardless of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.) or adopting more than one child. Only the person identified as the primary caregiver is eligible for the benefit.

The case for giving paid leave to all employees, for any …
For instance, it paradoxically would take pressure off new parents, the group currently most likely to be favored for paid time off. That’s because parental-leave policies bring attention to the …

And Equal Leave for All: Parental Leave Policies Are Changing
One recent survey of highly educated professional fathers who had more access to paid parental leave than most U.S. workers found a substantial portion took less than the full amount of paid leave

The Economics of Paid Parental Leave – Scientific American …
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Why Men Don’t Take Parental Leave (Even When Available)
In the U.S., nearly half of men support parental leave for fathers. Yet only 14% of dads actually take it. In the absence of federal mandates, corporations are taking the lead in implementing and …

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ŠKODA KAROQ, KODIAQ and SUPERB begin 2021 model year with new infotainment generation

New infotainment systems are being introduced into ŠKODA’s flagship SUPERB as well as its KAROQ and KODIAQ SUVs for the start of the 2021 model year. They are based on Volkswagen Group’s third-generation modular infotainment matrix and offer not only the Laura digital voice assistant, but an array of online features too – including Internet radio and wireless SmartLink technology. Online personalisation means more custom vehicle settings than ever can now be stored in the ŠKODA Connect account and even transferred to other ŠKODAs. Modern USB-C sockets are replacing the familiar USB-A ports, and a USB-C above the rear-view mirror is optional. The range of infotainment functions in the ŠKODA SCALA and KAMIQ compact models is also being expanded and upgraded accordingly.
With the exception of the entry-level Swing radio featuring a 6.5-inch touchscreen, all infotainment systems available for the ŠKODA KAROQ, KODIAQ and SUPERB will be based on the third-generation modular infotainment matrix as of the 2021 model year. The built-in SIM card ensures a permanent Internet connection, which also enables Infotainment Online services to be used. ŠKODA provides the required data allowance for these. The Laura digital voice assistant understands 15 languages, and can even process fluently spoken sentences in Czech, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Smartphones can be paired via wireless SmartLink technology and Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or MirrorLink™, and infotainment apps include news or weather reports. The Bolero infotainment and Amundsen navigation systems each come with an 8-inch touchscreen, while the top-of-the-range Columbus navigation variant boasts a 9.2-inch screen. Map and software updates or on-demand functions such as navigation for the Bolero system are downloaded ‘over the air’. With Amundsen and Columbus, a ŠKODA ID account can now be created directly from the vehicle; with the relevant Internet availability, both systems will pick up online radio stations too. The same applies to SCALA and KAMIQ models equipped with Amundsen navigation. What’s more, desired destinations can be transferred directly from the ŠKODA Connect app to the navigation system.
Transfer personal vehicle settings to other ŠKODAs
The latest generation of infotainment also offers the option of online personalisation, which enables custom settings stored in the user’s own ŠKODA Connect account to be transferred to different ŠKODAs. This means ŠKODA owners can simply take their preferred settings with them when buying a new ŠKODA or access them in another ŠKODA – for example within the family or fleet of company cars, or when renting a vehicle. Up to 14 owner profiles and one guest profile can be conveniently set up for each car using the on-board system as well. All data is stored online in the ŠKODA cloud and is constantly synchronised. Preferred layouts for the Virtual Cockpit instrument panel and lighting settings as well as seat and mirror positions are all stored. What’s more, settings can be stored for assistance systems and the automatic climate control too. In addition to the SUPERB, KODIAQ and KAROQ, the SCALA and KAMIQ will also come with the option of online personalisation as of the new model year.
Optional USB-C socket above the rear-view mirror
As part of the latest generation of infotainment, the SUPERB, KODIAQ and KAROQ are receiving the latest interfaces for connecting mobile and storage devices too. USB-C ports are replacing the previous USB-As both at the front in the centre console as well as for the optional USBs and 230-volt socket in the rear. Another new feature is an additional, optional USB-C port built into the roof above the rear-view mirror, which can be used to conveniently power a dashcam, for example. This will also be available in SCALAs and KAMIQs from the 2021 model year onwards.
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Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong

Kina antar kontroversiell säkerhetslag för Hongkong | SvD
Kina antar kontroversiell säkerhetslag för Hongkong Miljarder står på spel för svenska turistanläggningar när utländska turister inte kommer och Kinas parlament har antagit en kontroversiell säkerhetslag gentemot Hongkong.

Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong | SVT Nyheter
Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong Publicerad idag 06:44 Kinas högsta lagstiftande organ har röstat igenom den kontroversiella säkerhetslagen gentemot Hongkong, uppger flera lokala medier.

Epoch Times | Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong
Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong. Demonstranter protesterar mot säkerhetslagen i Hongkong. Foto: Vincent Yu/AP/TT Av TT-AFP-Reuters. 30 juni 2020 Tweet Share. Kinas högsta lagstiftande organ har röstat igenom den kontroversiella säkerhetslagen gentemot …

Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong | Göteborgs-Posten …
Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong Världen Kinas parlament har röstat igenom den kontroversiella säkerhetslagen gentemot Hongkong, uppger flera lokala medier. Lagförslaget har den senaste …

Kina antar kontroversiell säkerhetslag för Hongkong – Omni
Kina antar kontroversiell säkerhetslag för Hongkong Kinas högsta lagstiftande kommitté röstade på tisdagen enhälligt ja till lagen, enligt uppgifter till flera lokala medier. Detaljer kring lagen har länge varit okända, men väntas presenteras inom kort.

Kina antar kontroversiell säkerhetslag för Hongkong
Kinas regering har idag godkänt en ny kontroversiell säkerhetslag riktad mot Hong Kong.Kina antar kontroversiell säkerhetslag för Hongkong. 1:25 min. Min sida Finns på Min sida

Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong – Norran
Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong Kinas högsta lagstiftande organ har röstat igenom den kontroversiella säkerhetslagen gentemot Hongkong, uppger flera lokala medier. Lagförslaget har den senaste tiden orsakat stora protester i Hongkong. Utrikes 30 juni 2020 04:30.

Kina godkänner ny säkerhetslag för Hongkong
Kina har godkänt en ny säkerhetslag för Hongkong, enligt uppgifter, rapporterar bland annat CNN . Lagen har lett till oro då många anser att den stryper fri- och rättigheter.

Kina antar säkerhetslag för Hongkong – Kuriren
Kinas högsta lagstiftande organ har röstat igenom den kontroversiella säkerhetslagen gentemot Hongkong, uppger flera lokala medier. Lagförslaget har den senaste tiden orsakat stora protester i Hongkong.

Morgonkollen: Kina har antagit kontroversiell säkerhetslag
Morgonkollen: Kina har antagit kontroversiell säkerhetslag för Hongkong, uppsving för turism på okända orter, ryska skottpengar upprör i USA. Vi uppdaterar dig med nattens och morgonens nyheter.
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